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About The A-Team and A-Team Chronicles

The A-Team is a central, outbound, highly technical team comprised of Enterprise Architects, Solution Specialists and Software Engineers within the Oracle Product Development Organization. The team works closely with customers and partners, world wide, providing guidance on architecture, best practices, troubleshooting and how best to use Oracle Cloud Services and products to solve customer business needs. They specialize in using Cloud Solutions across IaaS, PaaS, SaaS as well as On-premise and hybrid deployments.

The A-Team provides this type of support by working with Oracle Consulting, Support and Sales – engaging in the toughest of situations, solving the hardest problems and the greatest of challenges.

The A-Team is lead from Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA, but A-Team members are located and positioned globally, so that we are better prepared to respond quickly, and within an appropriate timezone for our Global customers.

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team”


Fusion SaaS - Finding The View Object You Need for Data Extracts

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For good reason, the database of Fusion SaaS products is not available for ETL tools to work directly against.

The recommended approach to extract data for most use cases, is through the BI Cloud Connector tool.  This pulls data from ‘View Objects’ in the Business Intelligence layer of Fusion SaaS.  Other tools, the Analytics Cloud Data Replicator, and Analytics Cloud Data Sync tool, can also extract from these view objects.


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Part 3: Automate Requests against Identity Cloud Service using Newman

In Part 1: Automate getting an Identity Cloud Service Access Token in Postman I covered using a Pre-request script to automate getting an Access Token from Identity Cloud Service in order to successfully be authorized to send REST API requests. Then in Part 2: Using Postman Runner with Identity Cloud Service I built on this Pre-request script to enhance the script to get data from a CSV that would play a role in using Collection Runner, and in addition brought in how we could use the Tests script to grab data from the JSON response. Now in this article I am going to show you how we can use all of what we learned with Newman in order to execute a collection similar to Postman Runner from the command line.

What is Newman?
Simply put, Newman is a tool to run a Postma…

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Part 2: Using Postman Runner with Identity Cloud Service

In the last article, Part 1: Automate getting an Identity Cloud Service Access Token in Postman, I explained how using a Pre-request Script can automate getting an access token so when a request is sent to Identity Cloud Service it just works, a big time saver. In this article I am going build on using that Pre-request script and add Tests scripts in a way that we can chain requests in a collection and automate all the requests at once using Postman Collection Runner. Spoiler alert, in my final Part 3: Automate Requests against Identity Cloud Service using Newman, I will incorporate Part 1 and 2 to show how we can use everything we learned with Newman to iterate users from a CSV file and execute a bulk request from a command-line. Fantastic, let’s get started.


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Part 1: Automate getting an Identity Cloud Service Access Token in Postman

If you have spent enough time working with web services you have probably heard of Postman. If not, then let me say it is a great tool to test REST APIs against Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) among other things. When using Postman with web services you quickly learn an OAuth2 Access Token is required in order to successfully be authorized to complete a REST call.  Each time a request is sent you can either manually request an Access Token setting the Authorization Type to OAuth 2.0 and requesting a token, or have a request in the collection that gets the token, then you manually assign the token retrieved to a variable, and all other requests an be set to Authorization Type Inherit auth from parent, which you can then send any request and it goes through automatically though t…

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Extending Oracle Commerce Cloud Functionality - Server-side Extension

Oracle Commerce Cloud functionality can be extended through widgets, REST APIs, webhooks and Server-side extensions. 

For user interface customization and/or extensions, widgets and sometimes REST APIs are employed together. Webhooks on the other hand are used as an outbound communication to integrate with external systems and REST APIs are inbound from external systems. But until recently these were the only ways to extend the functionality. Since version 17.3, we have Server-Side Extensions, SSE, which allows customers and partners to develop custom code that runs on the server side. These extensions can be accessed either as a REST endpoint or configured as the receiving end of Webhooks. This blog explains how to create your own SSE.
The SSE Architecture
SSE are built…

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Loren Penton

Loren Penton is a Principal Solution Architect in the Data Integration A-Team where he supports the Oracle GoldenGate product line and its integration to Kafka, Hadoop, JMS, and all sorts of databases - starting with Oracle obviously. Loren has 20 years’ experience in the design and testing of Oracle GoldenGate solutions and over 30 years’ experience designing solutions for the banking, aerospace, and healthcare industries.

Mani Krishnan

Mani Krishnan is a Cloud Solutions Architect in the 'A-Team', where he's mainly focused on integration of SaaS applications and cloud-based application integration tools. Mani has over 20 years integrating enterprise applications in various capacities at large enterprises. He is currently based in Pleasanton, California. His skill set includes standards-based application integration, integration platform as a service (iPaaS), SaaS extensions and digital transformation using both with Oracle and other industry leading tools. Mani joined Oracle in 2016 and has since worked successfully with clients around the world.