1. idmInfo-Social says:


    Can anyone share for OAM Facebook Social login documents please ?

  2. siewpeng says:

    Hi Andre,
    I am new to OAM.
    This example is using OAM default login page. Is it possible that I use an external login page to integrate with OAM together with social login?

    Siew Peng

  3. Narsimha says:

    Hi Andre,

    Would you know how Oauth functions in a MDC setup ? e.g. If during any of the Oauth flows one DC1 goes down, will it continue without interruption the to complete the remaining flows from other DC ?

    Or for that matter, if a during a Oauth flow, Auth code is received from DC1 and is presented I DC2 for access token, would it be granted ?

    Or if a access token issued from DC1 , can it be validated against OAM in DC2 ?

    There is not much documentation on Oauth in a MDC setup , most of it is focused for WAM /SSO scenario (Browser based).
    Would you be able to throw some light on this ?

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi,

    In case someone may need it, I wrote the following post explaining the required steps for integrating Google authentication with OAM 11g.


  5. Thanks Andre,
    Eventually, we managed to solve that issue and OOTB Social Login works fine. Now we are facing a problem with customised logn pages, after following this guide:
    OAM does not generate daptoken and session cannot be created.
    Any clue would be much appreciated.

  6. Hello Andrea,

    Thanks for this post. I found some other blogs explaining this process but they were not as detailed as this one. After following the instructions, I receive the following error in the screen:

    OIC component disabled

    Any ideas?


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