Additional configuration to allow SOA managed server to be started from Node Manager


Before starting Node Manager for the first time, run the script, which is located in the ORACLE_COMMON_HOME/common/bin directory, to set the StartScriptEnabled property to ‘true.

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I usually don’t start my managed servers from the Node Manager, as I like to have easy access to the console while I am developing and debugging.  But today, I needed to get it working as a prerequisite for another product.

When I simply started the Node Manager and attempted to start my SOA managed server using it, I got a bunch of ClassNotFoundExceptions and it sat there keeping one CPU busy for a long time, with nothing happening.

Turns out there is one additional piece of configuration that needs to be done to enable the managed servers to be started from the Node Manager, you need to run this script (once):


For more information, please visit Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator’s Guide

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