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ADF EMG Task Flow Tester Now Available!


In september 2012, at the ADF EMG day at Oracle Open World a new tool was announced, the ADF EMG Task Flow Tester.

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The ADF EMG Task Flow Tester is a web-based testing tool for ADF bounded task flows. It supports testing of task flows that use pages as well as task flows using page fragments. A sophisticated mechanism to specify task flow input parameters is provided. A set of task flow input parameters and run options can be saved as a task flow testcase. Task flows and their testcases can be exported to XML and imported from XML.

ADF EMG Task Flow Tester

This ADF EMG task Flow Tester can help you in a number of ways:

  • It allows you to unit test your task flows in complete isolation, ruling out dependencies with other task flows when finding and investigating issues.
  • It allows you to quickly test various combinations of task flow input parameter without redeploying the application
  • It keeps your application cleaner (and saves time) as you no longer need to create separate test pages for each and every bounded task flow with page fragments that you used to create before.
  • You can use the tester to simulate a call to your task flow so you can easily test task flow return values and the return navigation outcome.

In december 2012, a new version has become available. New in this version is the ability to create a custom tester launch page. In this custom launch page, you can add definitions that are needed by taskflows that use page fragments. For example, you can specify custom JavaScript libraries, a JSF phase listener and client and server listeners. In addition, to better support large applications with many task flows coming from various ADF libraries, you now have the option to show the task flows grouped by directory instead of as a flat list, as shown below.

Ungrouped task flows

Task flows grouped by directory

Finally, a bug has been fixed that prevented the ADF EMG Task Flow tester to be used with Webcenter projects.

The tool is easy to install as a JDeveloper extension, and easy to use. Check out the Getting Started section in the User Guide and you will be up and running in 5 minutes!

Your feedback is most welcome, if you run into issues or have enhancement requests, then check out this page.

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