Catalog Metadata Based Tagging

Introduction Many customers have expressed the requirement of filtering catalog searches based on Catalog Item’s Metadata (CIM) including User Defined Fields (UDFs) added to the Catalog’s schema. Whereas this functionality is not offered out of the box by OIM 11g, it can be achieved in a relatively easy manner via custom code and UI customizations. […]

OIM 11g R2 Delegated Administration Model – Sample implementation (Part II)

Introduction This article is the continuation of Part I which describes the architecture of a Solution that addresses the requirements of a Sample Use case described later. In Part I, some key concepts were discussed. Below is a list of topics introduced in Part I of this post: Scoped Administrative Roles Access Policies Disconnected Application […]

OIM 11g R2 Delegated Administration Model – Sample implementation (Part I)

Introduction It is a very common requirement from customers to have a delegated administration model that is not tied to the organizations where the administrators are placed. Historically, OIM only supports a one-to-one relationship between Users and Organizations. However, starting with OIM 11g R2 and the introduction of the Catalog, it is possible to publish resources […]

Synchronization of Roles in Catalog OIM 11g R2

Introduction The Catalog is one of the most fundamental features of OIM 11g R2 request based provisioning. All requests for Resources/Accounts, Entitlements and Roles are accomplished through the Catalog. Roles in OIM 11g R2 can be defined within a given category. There are two main out-of-the-box categories: OIM Roles and Default. The category affects the […]

OIM 11g R2 Requests Lifecycle Management API’s

Introduction OIM 11g R2 being such a comprehensive provisioning solution, it provides API’s for almost every aspect of functionality available in the product. This makes it a little difficult to decide which examples are needed the most in the documentation. Fortunately, the documentation does supply samples that can definitely serve as a foundation for more […]

OIM 11g R2 UI Customization Tips and Tricks

Introduction OIM 11g R2 provides OIM Developers with the means to implement very sophisticated and functional rich customization to the Out-of-the-Box User Interface. These customizations are capable of surviving the installation of patches, which means that when the OIM installation is patched, the UI customizations don’t have to be re-applied. The customizations are stored as […]

Simplifying OIM 11g (Chapter Two)

  Introduction This is the second article in a series of posts with the common goal of providing customers with ideas and techniques that can be used to simplify the use of advanced features of OIM 11g. In Chapter One of this series, we described the components of a framework that would allow users at […]

Simplifying OIM 11g Series (Chapter One)

Introduction This is the first one in a series of posts dedicated to the design of tools that have the common goal of simplifying or enhancing the functionality provided by OIM 11g. As more and more customers implement OIM 11g, new challenges arise and new issues are uncovered. OIM 11g is a very powerful platform […]

Encapsulating OIM API’s in a Web Service for OIM Custom SOA Composites

Introduction This document describes how to encapsulate OIM API calls in a Web Service for use in a custom SOA composite to be included as an approval process in a request template. We always recommend customers to follow this approach when trying to invoke OIM’s APIs inside SOA composites used as approval processes for the […]

OIM 11g OID (LDAP) Groups Request-Based Provisioning with custom approval – Part II

Introduction This is Part Two of the article describing a potential implementation of Request Based LDAP Group Membership provisioning. Part One can be accessed here. Continuing with the implementation after disabling the default approval policies at the Request and Operation Levels, the next step is to configure OIM to enable the modification of a provisioned […]

OIM 11g OID (LDAP) Groups Request-Based Provisioning with custom approval – Part I

Introduction In recent days, I was assigned the task to implement a use case that I am sure many customers of Oracle have in mind but are not sure how to implement in OIM 11g. I even saw some thread inquiring about this very topic with no answer. Well, after some time I was able […]

Using OIM 11g APIs in Fusion Web Applications

IntroductionThe purpose of this article is to describe the setup needed to build ADF/Fusion Web Applications using JDeveloper that make use of OIM 11g new API’s and Services.OverviewI have encountered many users that are trying to develop applications …

Performance Tuning Tips for OIM

Introduction Escalations in OIM are typically related to performance issues; however, performance problems can be prevented by following some common recommended practices on how to configure OIM’s components and connectors. This article will discuss several kinds of issues/recommendations that can cause/avoid performance problems. These are grouped in the following categories: Memory Related Connector Related Customization […]