Machine Learning with Oracle Database Advanced Analytics

TL;DR: Oracle DB + Oracle Data Mining + Oracle R Enterprise = Database Advanced Analytics (OAA) The Database Advanced Analytics option allows running Machine Learning algorithms within the database itself. The on-prem flavor of OAA is available as part of database Enterprise Edition 12c and upward releases. In OPC, OAA is available as part of […]

Fusion Cloud IP-Whitelisting

Introduction With the increasing adoption of Oracle Cloud among customers, one of the key challenges the customers’ security teams face is managing network access for the newly purchased SaaS services. The security teams are firm on enforcing the rules and regulations around IT security that are already in place, and they expect their new SaaS […]

ICS Best Practices : Before going live and post go-live

Integration Cloud Service, Oracle’s flagship iPaaS product, is increasingly being adopted by customers as their strategic integration platform, for implementing various Cloud-to-Cloud as well as Cloud-to-OnPrem integration projects. With every release of the product more and more features are being added, and there’s plenty of documentation available on using ICS for designing and developing various […]

Eloqua ICS Integration

Introduction Oracle Eloqua, part of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud suite of products, is a cloud based B2B marketing platform that helps automate the lead generation and nurture process. It enables the marketer to plan and execute marketing campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience to prospects. In this blog I will describe how to integrate Eloqua […]

Oracle Service Cloud – Outbound Integration Approaches

Introduction This blog is part of the series of blogs the A-Team has been running on Oracle Service Cloud(Rightnow). In the previous blogs we went through various options for importing data into Service Cloud. In this article I will first describe two main ways of subscribing to outbound events, as data is created/updated/deleted in Rightnow. […]

Oracle Service Cloud Bulk Data Import – Best Practices

This blog is part of the series of blogs the A-Team has been running on Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC). In the previous blog I went through an introduction to the Bulk APIs in OSvC and briefly touched upon throughput considerations(If you haven’t, please read that first). In this blog I build on the previous post […]

Oracle Service Cloud – Getting Started With Bulk APIs

Introduction Oracle Service Cloud (henceforth referred to as OSvC) provides a complete customer service solution that offers cross-channel service delivery, web customer service, self-service, knowledge management, and a host of other features. Besides its functional capabilities, OSvC provides a robust, API based integration and extension framework. In this and a few upcoming blogs we’ll focus […]

Jumpstarting Development on the Cloud – Part 2 : Packaging and Build

  Introduction The Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is a cloud-based software development Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a hosted environment for your application development infrastructure. It provides an open source standards-based solution to develop, collaborate on, and deploy applications within Oracle Cloud. Some of the core features offered by DevCS include a hosted […]

Oracle Fusion DOO – Integrating External Systems using EIL

Update Feb 2018 : Please note that this blog was written in 2014 with the On-Prem Fusion R8 in mind. The current SCM SaaS version is R13. Although most of this blog is still applicable, please refer to the SCM Order Management documentation or whitepapers for the latest information. Introduction One of the core features […]