Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Web Service Connections in SaaS Integrations

A Checklist for Success with TLS Why We Need This Despite the full feature sets and capabilities that Oracle builds into their software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud applications, there are still going to be occasional customers with business requirements that cannot be satisfied solely with a single SaaS subscription.  In these cases, it is possible to extend […]

Integrating Microsoft SharePoint Document Management with Oracle Sales Cloud

Overview Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, now referred to more often as Customer Experience (CX) software, tends to be customized or extended more often than HCM, ERP, or SCM applications.  The reason:  enterprise business processes in the customer experience realm tend to be non-standard and more diverse across organizations.  With wide diversity, it is impossible […]

Transport Level Security (TLS) and Java

Know Which Versions of TLS are Supported in Recent Java Versions NOTE:  A more comprehensive examination of TLS and what to examine when setting up web service integrations in Oracle Cloud Saas extensions has been published.  See Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Web Service Connections in SaaS Integrations In the twenty-plus years of the Internet’s […]

Behind the Delete Trigger in Sales Cloud Application Composer

Cautionary Details on Delete Trigger Behavior with TCA Objects Developers and technically-inclined users who have ever needed to extend Oracle Sales Cloud are probably familiar with Application Composer (known as App Composer to its friends) — the built-in, browser-based collection of tools that makes it possible to extend Sales Cloud safely without requiring a level […]

Development Patterns in Oracle Sales Cloud Application Composer, Part 2

Introduction In Part 1 of this post (, we used the experiences of three tradespersons – a plumber, a carpenter, and an electrician – to make the case that planning is critical before building or remodeling a house. During their brief hypothetical conversation while working on a job site, they convinced each other that formal […]

Development Patterns in Oracle Sales Cloud Application Composer, Part 1

Global Functions and Object Trigger Functions — What Goes Where   Introduction Overheard the other day while walking by a new home construction site: Electrician speaking to carpenter: “I wish I didn’t have to follow these house plans. It would be much easier if I could put some of the outlets and light switches somewhere […]

Application Composer Application Containers

Details on Web Service Definitions, RunTime Messages, and Custom Object Visibility Introduction this discussion of application containers in Application Composer is not relevant to newer (post-Rel12) releases of Oracle Sales Cloud.  Application containers are no longer a structural or logical component of the toolkit, but this post will remain on-line for a time to support […]

Floating IP Addresses and Whole Server Migration in Fusion Applications

How to Configure and Test Whole Server Migration Network Components Introduction Here’s a cold, hard truth for sysadmins:  in enterprise computing environments, no matter how stable or how large or how fast or how powerful the hardware or network, the probability that a hardware failure or a network glitch will occur can never get to […]