Interesting pattern: OIC and EventHub for highly available short-term cloud buffering

Using OIC and EventHub for highly available short-term persistent cloud buffering Leveraging highly available cloud solutions, customers are able to offer potentially significant improvements in up-time over an on-premise solution. However, moving all function to cloud can introduce risk for many customers. Using this pattern, customers can provide useful functionality to external data providers and […]

Using Oracle Developer Cloud Service for semi-automated environment promotion handoffs

Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery (CICD) promise great rewards if your organization can embrace the significant challenges involved. However, traditional production environment management practice is often favoured in enterprise environments, because other concerns are much more important to the enterprise than the “latest features”. Here I am going to discuss a way to potentially bring […]

Deploying OSB projects from DevCS to SOACS

This blog is a companion to David Craft’s excellent series on using DevCS with SOACS to deploy SOA composites to a SOACS instance. Discussion There are several challenges in deploying OSB from DevCS to SOACS. Typically a self-signed certificate environment. Unless otherwise configured, SOACS defaults to a generated self-signed certificate. Because non-SSL communication is usually […]

A python REPL for accessing the ICS via REST API

What it is This is a small set of python, wrapped into a REPL for easy interaction with ICS in bulk. It has the ability to be fed simple scripts that can perform various tasks, as well as interactive capability. It is the culmination of much playing around with the ICS REST API over the […]