Getting Started Using Terraform with OCI

Introduction Standing up infrastructure requires building networks, servers and storage entailing complex build and configuration management processes. Traditionally done with scripts or even manually, Terraform gives you a new alternative. Using Terraform you can write a declarative description of your infrastructure. Using the Terraform “compiler” the declaration is converted to a build plan and then […]

Voice UI Access to CEC Using Alexa Skills Kit

Introduction The Content and Experience (CEC) REST API can be used to access CEC resources. The Alexa Skills Kit provides speech-to-text, natural language understanding and text to speech capabilities. CEC access via the CEC REST API from JavaScript running in a node.js AWS Lambda serverless container. Setup There are a handful of steps involved in setup […]

Accessing RSS Feeds in JavaScript

Introduction RSS (Really Simple Syndication I always called it but also Rich Site Summary) is an XML document containing headline or summary items. Consuming RSS feeds in JavaScript is more convenient with JSON data so we’ll take a look at tools to convert a feed to JSON. Then we’ll look at examples of using RSS data on […]

Voice UI Demo for Content and Experience Cloud

The Evolving Landscape of Content Delivery Content is no longer just for web sites. As more and more people spend less and less time in front of a computer using a mouse and keyboard, content that traditionally surfaced in web apps now surfaces in numerous new and emerging channels. On the flip side, content creation is […]

Using Process Cloud Service REST API Part 3

Introduction In this the third and final part of the series on using the PCS Rest API we will take the single page HTML application we started with in Part 1 and use Oracle JET (Javascript Extension Toolkit) to create an HTML/js application. Oracle JET is also an MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) architecture as we saw in […]

Using Process Cloud Service REST API Part 2

Introduction In Part 1 we looked at using the Process Cloud Service REST API and making REST calls from an HTML page using jQuery/AJAX. In Part 2 we’ll take the next step by using and presenting data retrieved from PCS. We started out stuffing the string representation of the JSON data into an HTML <div> […]

Using Process Cloud Service REST API Part 1

The Process Cloud Service (PCS) REST API provides an avenue to build UI components for workflow applications based on PCS. The versatility that comes with REST enables modern web application frameworks and just as easily, mobile applications. The API documentation is available here. Notice the endpoints are organized into eight categories. We’ll be focusing on […]

Accessing and Analyzing Twitter Feeds with Oracle Stream Analytics (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series we saw how to setup a connection in Oracle Stream Analytics to Twitter and create a Tweet stream. In this part we will investigate using the OSA map and geo-spatial exploration features to display the tweet point of origin on a map. Location Aware Tweets Notice that tweets do […]

Accessing and Analyzing Twitter Feeds with Oracle Stream Analytics (Part 1)

Oracle Stream Analytics The new release of Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA) contains a host of new features some of which are connection capability to Twitter, geo-spatial Exploration display and machine learning based data analysis. In combination those features make OSA an excellent tool for implementing a Twitter sentiment monitoring application. This is Part 1 of a 3 […]

BPM 11g to 12c Upgrade Notes

BPM 12c has been the latest released version for almost two years now. BPM 11g installations should be looking at 12c upgrades to either pick up significant new features in 12c or prepare for 11g end of support. The upgrade can be quite involved depending on how complex the existing 11g environment is and how […]

RESTful Invoke BPM Process Using Apache CXF

Apache CXF is a services framework that is the open source evolution of IONA Celtix and Codehaus XFire, hence the name CXF. CXF has extensive support for Web Service standards WS-*, JAX-WS and JAX-RS APIs etc. but the focus of this article is on the CXF web service client proxy factory and running it in […]