Tuning Asynchronous Web Services in Fusion Applications Part II

Introduction In a series of earlier blogs we have covered in detail several aspects of asynchronous web services in Fusion Applications including the general implementation, how to monitor, and also discussed tuning considerations and options. This article discusses an additional tuning option for how Fusion Applications consumes waiting messages in the underlying queues. Main Article In a […]

Implementing Upsert for Oracle Service Cloud APIs

Introduction Oracle Service Cloud provides a powerful, highly scalable SOAP based batch API supporting all the usual CRUD style operations. We have recently worked with a customer who wants to leverage this API in large scale but requires the ability to have ‘upsert’ logic in place, i.e. either create or update data in Oracle Service […]

Getting started with Taleo Connect Client (TCC)

Introduction The Taleo set of Cloud Offerings such as Recruiting, Performance, Learn, Onboarding, etc. come with a powerful tool for configuring and managing batch-style integration requirements both for import as well as export scenarios. This article is meant to provide some guidance for first steps in using the Taleo Connect Client (TCC) and not as […]

Extending the Oracle Sales Cloud with SOA Suite

Introduction The Oracle Sales Cloud provides an extensive set of features for extending the user interface, the underlying data model, and allows the use of Groovy scripts to extend or adjust the default business logic. If customers have requirements that go beyond these capabilities, Java Cloud Service is a viable option to build new user […]

Using soapUI for secure, asynchronous web service invocations in Fusion Applications   

Using secure, asynchronous web services Fusion Applications exposes across all of its product families numerous web services that allows for querying, creating and updating of business objects. In this blog we will show how to leverage these services in a secure, asynchronous fashion from a web service client tool such as soapUI. While invoking services […]

Working With Deployment Plans

In my overview blog entry ‘From Dev to Test to Production‘, I already mentioned AIA Deployment Plans as key elements for transferring integration code from environment to another. So what is a Deployment Plan then? Primarily it is a set … Continue reading

Integration Performance Tuning using Stubbed Applications

In one of our recent engagements, we were challenged to improve the overall throughput of an Oracle AIA integration. This was a deployment of the ‘Order-to-Bill’ Process Integration Pack which is basically a solution for the Communications Industry enabling the … Continue reading

From Dev to Test to Production

So you have chosen AIA for integrating your enterprise applications due to the many good things it offers such as a canonical data model, a profound reference architecture, and so on. That’s great. And you have started developing a set … Continue reading