OIC Connectivity Agent Installation Pointers

The connectivity agent has been a feature of Oracle’s integration cloud strategy from the beginning to address the challenge of the cloud/on-premise integration pattern. However, the implementation of the agent differs between Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). With both offerings, the pattern for setup remains the same: 1. Create Agent […]

API Platform Custom Host Name and Certificate

Once you have provisioned an Oracle API Platform CS instance, one of the first things you will notice is the access to the various consoles are done via Public IP addresses:   Another issue you will come across is that the certificate used for the instance is “Not Secure”, and therefore HTTPS is disabled due […]

ICS On-Premise Monitor – Agent Ping

The Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Connectivity Agent is a feature of ICS that helps with the cloud to ground (on-premise) use case that is common to companies who are moving into cloud technologies. The agent provides an ICS subscriber the ability to create ICS integrations that interact with on-premise resources like legacy applications, databases, etc. […]

ICS SOAP Connection – Retrieve File Uploaded WSDL

When working with Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) SOAP Connections, it is common to upload a WSDL file when configuring the Connection Properties: The focus of this blog is how to retrieve/recover the WSDL in the event the original file is not available. This can be accomplished in several ways that include an on-line and/or […]

ICS Connectivity Agent stdout Log Rotation

When monitoring and/or troubleshooting the ICS Connectivity Agent server, it is important to not only have the standard logs (e.g., AdminServer-diagnostic.log) but also the standard out/error (stdout/stderr).  One of the big challenges of capturing the stdout is not exhausting the disk storage over time.  Since the ICS Connectivity Agent is a WebLogic server installation, there […]

ICS Connectivity Agent Advanced Configuration

Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service (ICS) provides a feature that helps with the integration challenge of cloud to ground integrations with resources behind a firewall. This feature is called the ICS Connectivity Agent (additional details about the Agent can be found under New Agent Simplifies Cloud to On-premises Integration). The design of the Connectivity Agent is […]

Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Security & Compliance

The attached white paper is the product of a joint A-Team effort that included Deepak Arora, Mike Muller, and Greg Mally.  Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) runs within the Oracle Cloud where the architecture is designed to provide customers with a unified suite of Cloud Services with best-in-class performance, scalability, availability, and security. The Cloud […]

Round Trip On-Premise Integration (Part 1) – ICS to EBS

One of the big challenges with adopting Cloud Services Architecture is how to integrate the on-premise applications when the applications are behind the firewall. A very common scenario that falls within this pattern is cloud integration with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). To address this cloud-to-ground pattern without complex firewall configurations, DMZs, etc., Oracle offers a […]

Integration Cloud Service (ICS) On-Premise Agent Installation

The Oracle On-Premises Agent (aka, Connectivity Agent) is necessary for Oracle ICS to communicate to on-premise resources without the need for firewall configurations or VPN. Additional details about the Agent can be found under New Agent Simplifies Cloud to On-premises Integration. The purpose of this A-Team blog is to give a consolidated and simplified flow […]

Throttling in SOA Suite via Parking Lot Pattern

The Parking Lot Pattern has been leveraged in many Oracle SOA Suite deployments to handle complex batching, message correlation, and complex processing flows. One scenario that is a frequent topic of discussion is throttling SOA Suite so as not to overwhelm slower downstream systems. Most often this is accomplished via the tuning knobs within SOA […]

The Parking Lot Pattern

The parking lot pattern is a strategy in Oracle SOA Suite to stage data in an intermediary store prior to complete processing by SOA Suite itself.  This pattern was spearheaded years ago by Deepak Arora and Christian Weeks of the Oracle SOA A-Team.  It has been implemented in various verticals to address processing challenges which […]

DB Adapter – Distributed Polling (SKIP LOCKED) Demystified

Introduction When leveraging the Oracle Database Adapter (DB Adapter) using the Distributed Polling feature, understanding what is going on under the covers can help with the tuning effort.  This blog will attempt to demystify the configuration and behavior of Distributed Polling with SKIP LOCKED. Main Article Oracle SOA Suite 11g offers a set of Java […]

Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service – metricdump Log

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to control/configure the metricdump log files that accumulate in your WebLogic Server domains configured with Fusion Middleware?  This blog will help to answer that question. Main Article When running WebLogic Server instances configured with Fusion Middleware (e.g., SOA Suite), there are Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) metrics that are gathered every 3 […]