Restrict Root Compartment Access with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Policies

The OCI Administrators group grants manage acess to all resources in all compartments including the root compartment.  So, any member of this group is considered a super user.  Is a normal practice to keep Administrators members to a small number of users and create additional groups/policies to restrict access to specific compartments. If there’s a […]

How to Configure Oracle Identity Manager to use Unicast

As of version 11gR2PS1 (, OIM relies on JGROUPS to implement cache coordination among all it’s cluster nodes.  Out of the box OIM is configured to use Multicast (one to many) for JGroups for cluster messaging.  This could be a showstopper when deploying OIM in datacenter where Multicast is blocked or unsupported, which is the case in […]

Invoking Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST API from PL/SQL

This post shows a way to make REST API calls to Oracle Identity Cloud Service from an Oracle Database using PL/SQL.  The idea is that a PL/SQL application can manage and search for user and group entities directly in Identity Cloud Service. In the sample code we’ll see how to obtain an access token from Identity Cloud […]

REST API for OIM 11gR2 PS3 is Available

Starting with Bundle Patch (Patch 24326201), Oracle Identity Gorvernance or OIM, adds a new REST API for self service requests.   The REST Service includes endpoints to invoke self service calls for tasks like Catalog, Requests, Certification, Users, Role, Organization and others.  Documentation and examples are available here. The REST Service has to be installed […]