Getting Started with WebCenter Portal – Content Contribution Project – Part 2

Introduction This continues for part 1 and dives into the runtime environment setup of WebCenter portal project. All content listed on this page is the property of Oracle Corp. Redistribution not allowed without written permission

Getting Started with WebCenter Portal – Content Contribution Project – Part 1

Introduction A very common use-case for WebCenter applications is to use them for Content Contribution projects. WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content are designed to work seamlessly with each other. Once set up correctly a content contribution user can make all content changes from within the Portal application, without going into content administration application. The following […]

ADF JavaScript Partitioning for Performance

Introduction ADF UI components are complex entities, each containing one or more html, css and javaScript (JS) elements. When a component is rendered the html tags are stamped on page with right css style classes attached. ADF is smart enough to download only the javaScripts belonging to the components rendered on the page. If individual […]

Working with Links in WebCenter Application

Introduction Link management is one of the most important considerations when creating a WebCenter application. The challenges in creating links are: Easy on the eyes – The link should have a meaningful path (Pretty Url) Searchable – Links must be crawl-able by search engines for SEO Analytics – Analytics applications must be able to distinguish URLs Back […]

Run custom JavaScript when ADF page loads

Ran into a neat way to load and run custom javascript when an ADF page loads:         <af:resource type=”javascript”>           //Script block           if (window.addEventL…

Showing Mobile Number in WebCenter Spaces

One of our customers recently had trouble with Hierarchy viewer in Webcenter Spaces. They were unable to see Mobile numbers for any user other than the logged in user. All other info was visible.

Here’s how to enable viewing mobile numbers in Hierarchy viewer Org chart:

· Login to Spaces as Administrator

· Navigate to Administration > Configuration > People Connections > Profile


· You will notice in the Profile Attributes sections that the Mobile Phone is in Business Contact section while Phone is in Summary section

· In the Profile Access section (as shown in the screenshot above), Change the “Who can view this section” for Business contact to “Authenticated users”

· For Testing purposes only, change the Profile Cache Settings to have a lower timeout value.

· Restart Spaces for timeout changes to take effect.


Reverse Engineer DB objects from ADF-BC

Say you are developing an application using ADF Fusion stack. If you are like me you have backed up your ADF application. However Database objects are not backed up so frequently. One day disaster strikes and you loose the schema.  Here’s how yo…