A first look at Robot Framework

As we start to assemble the tools we need to implement Continuous Delivery, one area we need to look at is selecting a testing framework.  Now, we are going to want to use a range of different testing tools, depending on what we want to test and how, but we ideally would have some kind […]

New (HotSpot) JDK adds JRMC and Flight Recorder

Oracle has just released JDK 7u40 which includes some pretty useful new features – most notable for me is the inclusion of JRockit Mission Control and Flight Recorder, giving us a lot more tools for recording and analyzing performance information for the JDK both online and after the fact.  You can read all about it […]

Why do we need to change? -or- What’s wrong with how we do it now?

Before we start talking about how to do things better, we need to have a clear picture of how we do things today, and why that approach is not optimal.  Obviously every organization is different, and there is a continuum of maturity.  In this post, I am going to attempt to describe what I think […]

New Maven support in Coherence 12c

Coherence 12.1.2 was recently released, including the new Coherence Managed Servers and also Maven support.  You can read more about it here. You may also be interested in these two excellent video introductions/demonstrations from the Coherence team – both cover the new Maven support in Coherence.           All content listed on […]

New ADF Architecture TV YouTube Channel Launched

The ADF Product Management team has just announced the ADF Architecture TV YouTube channel.  The channel will publish new episodes on ADF design, architecture, development and deployment best practices each week, for a total of about 100 episodes. The channel has specifically been designed with small, discrete episodes on topics encompassing the whole ADF development […]

New Maven support in Fusion Middleware 12.1.2

Oracle has just released version 12.1.2 of the Fusion Middleware platform.  This release includes some new support for build automation with Maven and for continuous integration.  In this post I want to give you a quick tour of what is new.  In a follow up post, I will go through a detailed example of using […]

New FREE ADF Mobile training released

Oracle has launched a new, interactive, online, and FREE ADF Mobile course: Developing  Applications with ADF Mobile. From the announcement: “The course blends media-rich content to bring you  interviews with the experts, engaging interactions, and inviting demos and graphics that keep  you interested as you learn all about ADF!  Developing Applications with ADF Mobile will  […]

Instance Patching Demo for BPM

BPM has a new ‘instance patching and migration’ feature that allows you to apply changes to running instances of processes (without changing the revision of the process) and/or to migrate running instances between revisions of a process. There is a short viewlet demonstration posted here, but no sound unfortunately. All content listed on this […]

New Case Management Samples Released

Heidi Buelow (@heidibuelowBPM) from the BPM Product Management team at Oracle, has published some Case Management samples on java.net. They include the ‘EURent’ case definition, which is a car rental scenario.  Included is a document that walks you through the use case.  There is also a sample Case Management UI that you can use to […]

Getting to know Maven

  I have a number of posts that talk about using Maven to automate builds for Fusion Middleware projects.  I know that there are some people who have not used Maven before, or maybe only a little.  So I wanted to post a few short videos that explain the basic concepts and give a real […]