Continuous Integration with Apiary, Dredd, and Wercker

There are many tools in the market to design, develop, and test API’s. Some of these tools could be used separately. Some others could be combined. Every time a change is introduced in the design or implementation of an API, it would be nice to have tests and builds run automatically. Continuous Integration (CI) is a software […]

Displaying Oracle Documents Cloud Services File Picker and Link Picker from other Domains

Introduction The Oracle Documents File Picker and Link Picker allow web applications to select files and folders that reside in the Oracle Documents Cloud Service. These Pickers can start from a specific folder and can further be restricted to a folder structure for a specific user and role when combined with the Oracle Documents App Link. Some of […]

Managing Oracle Documents Cloud Service files via curl commands

  Oracle Documents Cloud Service allows users to keep their files in the cloud. It allows organizations to centralize their data. This blog post covers how to manage your files from a terminal. It could be a terminal running on your MacBook laptop, Windows desktop, or Linux server. Command-line tools are a simple applications to upload […]

Embedded Oracle Documents Cloud Service Web User Interfaces for folder contents and search results

The Embedded Oracle Documents Cloud Service Web User Interface allows customers to embed the Oracle Documents Cloud Service experience everywhere people work. Oracle Documents Cloud Service puts content at the center of collaboration in any application. The Embedded Web User Interface uses an HTML inline frame (IFRAME tag). It removes the default branding and resizes […]

Oracle Database Vault security policies for Oracle WebCenter Content

The Oracle Database is the content repository of choice for many customers. Oracle Database Vault prevents data breaches from WebCenter Content Administrator Accounts and applications that may connect to WebCenter Content. Oracle WebCenter Content, an Oracle Fusion Middleware component, is an integrated suite of applications designed for managing content. Oracle WebCenter Content contains the Oracle […]

Gathering statistics for an Oracle WebCenter Content Database

Have you ever heard: “My Oracle WebCenter Content instance is running
slow. I checked the memory and CPU usage of the application server and
it has plenty of resources. What could be going wrong?
An Oracle WebCenter Content instance runs on an application server and relies on a database server on the back end. If your application server tier is running fine, chances are that your
database server tier may host the root of the problem. While many things
could cause performance problems, on active Enterprise Content
Management systems, keeping database statistics updated is extremely