InfiniBand Enabled Diskless PXE Boot

If you ever need to bring up a computer with InfiniBand networking
capabilities and diagnostic tools, without even going through any
installation on its hard disk, then please read on. In this article, I
am going to talk about how to boot a computer…

Shark Attack on InfiniBand

Grab your magnifying glass and join us in viewing InfiniBand packets
closer than ever before. Use Wireshark and Mellanox’ ibdump tool to
capture InfiniBand packets for offline analysis.
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Advance Routing for Multi-Homed Hosts

Scenario based discussion on enabling access to a host across multiple
routers and network. Use of Linux Advance Routing through iproute2 tool
set. Comparison on when to use static vs. multiple default routes.

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Deployments over InfiniBand Infrastructure

What actually drives network requirements ? Use of InfiniBand Partition
Keys to create isolation between functional groups of servers. Sample
use case illustrating how to design internal InfiniBand networks.
Application consolidations and their asso…

Bonding Parameters Based on Network Layout

Technical discussion on how to adjust Linux bonding configuration
parameters depending on how a host participates in a given network.
Limitations of link level failure detections and an easy solution within
bonding driver to overcome it.
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Networks and Virtualization

Technical discussion on an approach to achieve virtualization through
network layers. Comparison between InfiniBand Partitions and Ethernet
VLANs. Consolidation and Isolation of logical network channels leading
to virtualization. How to satisfy com…

InfiniBand Building Blocks

In the context of Oracle’s Engineered Systems, I am going to explain how
an InfiniBand network is actually created using various building blocks
of hardware and software. Includes a very basic view of a host
participating in IB network and their con…

InfiniBand: What about it ?

Neeraj Gupta from our Networking team introduces Infiniband.
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