Harvesting Information from IT Systems – Part 1

  Introduction Back in 2012, while I was performing research on how to make a Fusion Applications environment portable, the decisive moment came when I was able to confirm that I could copy the entire FA environment from one server to another and run it there as long as I added all hostnames present in […]

HTTP Server configuration in Fusion Applications

Overview One of the most powerful features provided by Fusion Applications is the out-of-the-box configuration of the HTTP Server at Provisioning time. This feature comes in different flavors, enabling the user to select the most appropriate type of configuration for their environment, including setting it up for use with a load balancer or reverse proxy. […]

Starting and Stopping Fusion Applications the Right Way

OverviewStarting and stopping Fusion Applications is a complex task that involves invoking commands for multiple components (including WebLogic Domains, OPMN-Managed Instances, Database instances, 3rd Party software, etc) in multiple hosts. This proces…