Enterprise-class SOA on Exa Engineered Systems… what, why and how?

At the Oracle Open World 2011 conference, I had presented a session titled “Enterprise-class SOA on Exalogic
along with Vikas Anand and Manas Deb. Exalogic is part of Oracle’s new
breed of engineered systems, and is geared towards the middleware space.
For those new to the term, an ‘engineered system’ is one where a single
vendor provides everything from hardware, network, OS, middleware,
applications, etc in one appliance. The hardware and software are fully
integrated out of the box and designed for… read more

Java Tuning in a Nutshell – Part 1

While delivering a training recently, I got
a request to put together a JVM tuning cheat sheet. Given the 50+ parameters available
for the Sun hotspot, this request is understandable. The diagram below is what
I came up with. I’ve tried to narrow down the most important flags that will
solve 80% of JVM performance needs with 20% of the tuning effort. This article
assumes basic JVM tuning knowledge – the different generations used in the Sun hotspot JVM,
different garbage collection algorithms available, etc. Although this is… read more