Forwarding Messages from WebLogic to TIBCO EMS

Author: Ricardo Ferreira Introduction Messaging is one of those technologies that have been around for decades, but only recently people got aware of the important role that messaging plays to any software-based architecture. Any use case that requires messages to be exchanged between systems in a reliable, fault-tolerant and scalable way may leverage messaging to […]

Identity Cloud Services and Weblogic Federation with Virtual Users and Groups

Introduction Federation is a well-known pattern and has been discussed at length on this blog. Almost every vendor or cloud provider out there supports Federation and it’s been around for quite some time now. In this blog post, I will talk about Federation again, but this time in combination with Weblogic’s Virtual Users and Groups. […]

Recreating an Oracle Middleware Central Inventory in the Oracle Public Cloud

Introduction This post provides a simple solution for recreating an Oracle Middleware software central inventory. One rare use case is when a server is lost and a new server is provisioned. The Middleware home may be on a storage device that can be reattached e.g. /u01. However, the central inventory may have been on a […]

Coherence Federated Caching Overview

Introduction Coherence clusters rely on the ability to enlist multiple servers connected by a reasonably reliable network. This allows strong cache consistency guarantees — in the absence of a catastrophic failure, one can reason about state in a Coherence cluster in a similar manner to how one reasons about state in a local memory space. […]

Transport Level Security (TLS) and Java

Know Which Versions of TLS are Supported in Recent Java Versions NOTE:  A more comprehensive examination of TLS and what to examine when setting up web service integrations in Oracle Cloud Saas extensions has been published.  See Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Web Service Connections in SaaS Integrations In the twenty-plus years of the Internet’s […]

Understanding listen ports and addresses to effectively troubleshoot Fusion Applications

Introduction: To communicate with any process, you need to know at least 3 things about it – IP address, port number and protocol. Fusion Applications comprises many running processes. End users communicate directly with only a handful of them, but all processes communicate with other processes to provide necessary services. Understanding various IP addresses and listen ports […]

WebLogic Server: Saving Disk Space in /tmp

Introduction Many WebLogic Server (WLS) implementations use JRockit 28 as the JVM implementation. JRockit 28 comes with the very useful JRockit Flight Recorder which helps in many troubleshooting situations. Problem In high volume WLS implementations with many domains and many managed servers the Flight Recorder could fill up the disk of the temporary file storage […]

Addition by Subtraction – A Quick Win in Performance

Recently, I worked with a customer where we would notice severe performance degradation over time within JCS (Java Cloud Service). The product used was Oracle Service Bus (OSB) where it would take around 2 seconds to process a request and send a response.  Over time, we would see the same request/response take over 1 minute!  If we […]

Caching in OSB 12c without Out-Of-Process Coherence Servers

Author: Ricardo Ferreira Introduction One of the most popular use cases for Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is the mediation of synchronous service interactions. In this scenario, a client invokes the service through a proxy instead of the actual service endpoint, guaranteeing that the consumer is decoupled from the producer. This type of architecture allows producers […]

Memcached Adapter in Coherence 12.1.3

* Reposted with permission from Oracle Coherence Blog by Dave Felcey.   Overview Coherence 12c (12.1.3) adds support for Memcached clients to directly store data a in Coherence cluster using the Binary Memcached protocol. This post outlines how to configure the Coherence Memcached Adaptor and includes a simple PHP example to show how Memecached clients […]

Understanding the use of “WebLogic Plugin Enabled”

Introduction: Requests to a WebLogic Server (WLS) usually go through a web server or a load balancer which serve as a proxy for the client requests. When the WLS requests are “front-ended” by either a web server or a load-balancer, the requests are handled via a plugin. It is important for WLS to be aware of the […]

Where did my MDB concurrency go?

Problem Description Recently, there have been numerous customers reporting a similar symptom with regards to MDB (Message Driven Bean) concurrency within WebLogic Server.  The complaint is that not all JMS messages are being consumed in a timely manner and in fact some messages look to be consumed in a serial fashion instead of concurrently. Here is […]

Diagnosing High CPU problems with Java Mission Control

How to diagnose high CPU problems with Java Mission Control? Recently we worked on couple of customer escalations where we have extensively used Java Mission Control to resolve high CPU problems. That prompted me to write an article on Java Flight Recording analysis using Java Mission Control (JMC) In this posting, I’m going to teach you […]

Unable to See Coherence MBean in Enterprise Manager Configured for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter

Introduction After configuring Coherence Cache for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter customer was not able to see the Coherence MBeans in the Enterprise Manager. Futher investigation revealed that the issue was due to configuration in WebLogic Server. Main Article After configuring Coherence Cache for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter customer was not able to see the Coherence […]

Basic JVM Garbage Collection Tuning for Coherence

Because Coherence cache servers are built on top of Java, they must deal with the heap size limitations that arise from garbage collection (GC). This is often at odds with the intended use case for Coherence, which is to manage large amounts of data in memory. In order to fully utilize the available memory on […]

Coherence Monitoring Management in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Part 1

Coherence monitoring can be challenging depending on the number of nodes and hosts. Users use Jconsole for getting a view of their Coherence applications. This is done by creating a JMX node that joins the cluster and thereby enabling monitoring. This is good to get current view. However if you are looking for metrics history […]

A crude JMS performance comparison between different WebLogic server persistence stores

When it comes to persisting service and subsystems data (i.e. JMS), WebLogic server offers customers a choice: filesystem or relational database using JDBC.  Persistence store has implications on WLS performance and systems management.  In this post, I will provide an unofficial JMS performance comparison using different persistence stores. PLEASE NOTE: This is not an official Oracle performance benchmark.  […]

Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting Solutions – Part Two

Introduction This article is part two of a two part series describing Oracle’s mainframe re-hosting solutions.  You can read part one of this series here. Oracle Solution Overview As a leading provider of enterprise software and hardware, Oracle can help mainframe customers to implement different modernization options:   Re-engineering, Packaged Application and Re-hosting, in this paper, […]

Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting Solutions – Part One

Introduction This paper provides an overview about Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting solutions from a technical point of view. For people who have little Mainframe background, it adds some mainframe basic concept introduction. It is targeted to technical people who are interesting in mainframe modernization technology to understand Oracle solution in this area. This paper will be […]

WebLogic Server 12.1.2 and Coherence 12.1.2: New Technical Whitepapers

Several new technical whitepapers on WebLogic Server 12.1.2 and Coherence 12.1.2 have recently been released. In case you missed them, this post provides links to some of the more interesting ones.  You’ll need to log into to download these.   Oracle WebLogic: 12.1.1 Business Overview – PDF download This whitepaper provides an overview of […]