Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting Solutions – Part Two

Introduction This article is part two of a two part series describing Oracle’s mainframe re-hosting solutions.  You can read part one of this series here. Oracle Solution Overview As a leading provider of enterprise software and hardware, Oracle can help mainframe customers to implement different modernization options:   Re-engineering, Packaged Application and Re-hosting, in this paper, […]

Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting Solutions – Part One

Introduction This paper provides an overview about Oracle Mainframe Re-hosting solutions from a technical point of view. For people who have little Mainframe background, it adds some mainframe basic concept introduction. It is targeted to technical people who are interesting in mainframe modernization technology to understand Oracle solution in this area. This paper will be […]

Sample COBOL Program for VIEW Buffer

Introduction This article provides a sample COBOL Client program and C server program to use the VIEW buffer type which exchanges VIEW message with C program in Tuxedo.  This post may be useful to you as it contains additional sample code. Tuxedo Buffer type Tuxedo (Transactions for Unix, Extended for Distributed Operations) is a middleware […]

Service Enabling the Tuxedo BankApp Sample with Oracle SALT

SALT stands for Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo. As its name suggests it is a web service extension for Tuxedo. It allows a SOAP web service client to call Tuxedo services and Tuxedo processes, client or server, to invoke a web service by making tpcall’s. SALT was first introduced in 2006 and has been constantly involving. […]