Less is more: improving by reducing REST calls.

One of the challenges when building an application that uses the Content and Experience Cloud Delivery API is improving the performance by reducing the number of API calls that the client application has to make.   The normal flow is to search for items, and then iterate over the number of items to get to […]

Content and Experience Cloud ContentSDK: npm package

The 18.3.5 release of Content and Experience Cloud includes full support for the Delivery REST API. The REST API is documented. Next to the REST API is a lightweight JavaScript wrapper around this API released. This wrapper is delivered as a minified JavaScript file as well as an NPM package. This package is not available […]

Render CEC Content Item with Images in Oracle Intelligent Bots

In one of the blog published by Dolf regarding Using CEC with Oracle Intelligent Bots, he demonstrated on how to use Oracle Intelligent Bots to retrieve the content items in CEC (Content and Experience Cloud Service) using the REST API. In this blog, I will extend this use case and provide a simple example of how to […]

Using Content & Experience Cloud content in a React app.

In this blog I will introduce an integration pattern to download content from Content & Experience Cloud and use that ‘off-line’. By off-line I mean that the content is downloaded before the application is built and is used statically as part of the application instead of dynamically calling the Content & Experience Cloud REST API. This blog […]

Voice UI Access to CEC Using Alexa Skills Kit

Introduction The Content and Experience (CEC) REST API can be used to access CEC resources. The Alexa Skills Kit provides speech-to-text, natural language understanding and text to speech capabilities. CEC access via the CEC REST API from JavaScript running in a node.js AWS Lambda serverless container. Setup There are a handful of steps involved in setup […]

Accessing RSS Feeds in JavaScript

Introduction RSS (Really Simple Syndication I always called it but also Rich Site Summary) is an XML document containing headline or summary items. Consuming RSS feeds in JavaScript is more convenient with JSON data so we’ll take a look at tools to convert a feed to JSON. Then we’ll look at examples of using RSS data on […]

Using Content and Experience Cloud with your Oracle Intelligent Bots chatbot

In this blog I will show how you can use the content items from Content and Experience Cloud in your Oracle Intelligent Bots chatbot. Why By using Content and Experience Cloud you can have a dedicated team working on the content with the appropriate business tools to manage the content lifecycle, next to the group that […]

Voice UI Demo for Content and Experience Cloud

The Evolving Landscape of Content Delivery Content is no longer just for web sites. As more and more people spend less and less time in front of a computer using a mouse and keyboard, content that traditionally surfaced in web apps now surfaces in numerous new and emerging channels. On the flip side, content creation is […]

Render CEC Content Item in Oracle Commerce Cloud

In my previous blog, I described how to render digital assets (images) in Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) using custom widget. In this blog, I will show you how to render content item with content layout component in OCC. This is a good use case when you have a promotion item that you want to display […]

Content and Experience Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud Integration – Part 3

In the final part of this blog series, we will be first, installing the custom product image widget that you have developed in Part 2 and secondly, customizing the OCC storefront product details layout page using the custom widget. This blog discusses the use of non-public Content SDK/API. The Content SDK/API might change without warning. The […]

Content and Experience Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud Integration – Part 2

In part 2 of this blog series, we will be developing a simple custom product image widget. The product images are stored and managed in CEC and we will use the product ID in OCC to fetch the right image from CEC. When you are uploading the product images to CEC, you will need to […]

Content and Experience Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud Integration – Part 1

With the recent release of content as a service (CaaS) and digital asset management capability in CEC (Content and Experience Cloud), you can now develop a custom widget and customize the product detail page layout in OCC (Oracle Commerce Cloud) to display the digital asset and content item stored in CEC. This blog discusses the […]