Best Practices for Configuring and Extending Fusion Applications Cloud

Introduction Oracle’s Fusion SaaS applications cloud is built on a single data model that connects end-to-end business processes across Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Experience (CX) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) functionalities. While Oracle is providing a common extension and configuration framework across all Fusion SaaS applications, every pillar has also […]

Engagement Cloud – an Introduction to calling REST Services

Introduction This article gives a brief introduction to calling REST services from Oracle Engagement Cloud. It assumes a basic understanding of Groovy, Application Composer, and the requirements of the REST services that you intend to call. It sets out the basic steps required to setup and make a REST call and describes a couple of […]

Techniques used to build PaaS4SaaS Mashup using Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service

Introduction Oracle ABCS is Oracles new citizen developer service allowing citizen developers the ability to quickly build applications for the web/mobile web. A common request from SaaS customers is the desire to have both standalone and embeded custom screens for their SaaS solutions. These obviously need to be feature rich, sexy UIs and above all […]

Using Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS) to Integrate Field Service Cloud with Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS): An ODICS Perspective

Introduction   This article discusses how to use Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS) to integrate Oracle Field Service Cloud (FSC) with Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS).  ODICS provides pushdown data processing with high performance ETL for the Cloud. ODICS executes data transformations where the data lies without having to unnecessarily copy data to remote […]

Integrating Sales Cloud and Service Cloud using ICS – troubleshooting issues with security configuration

Introduction This blog talks about a few “gotchas” when integrating Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) and Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) using Oracle’s iPaaS platform, the Integration Cloud Service(ICS). The idea is to have a ready reckoner for some common issues faced, so that customers can hit the ground running when integrating between OSvC and OSc using […]

Oracle Service Cloud – Outbound Integration Approaches

Introduction This blog is part of the series of blogs the A-Team has been running on Oracle Service Cloud(Rightnow). In the previous blogs we went through various options for importing data into Service Cloud. In this article I will first describe two main ways of subscribing to outbound events, as data is created/updated/deleted in Rightnow. […]

Oracle Service Cloud Bulk Data Import – Best Practices

This blog is part of the series of blogs the A-Team has been running on Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC). In the previous blog I went through an introduction to the Bulk APIs in OSvC and briefly touched upon throughput considerations(If you haven’t, please read that first). In this blog I build on the previous post […]

Integrating Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) – Part 2

Introduction This article expands on “Integrating Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) – Part 1” published in June 2015. Please Note – this article is intended to provide the reader with some ideas of how to start an integration with Service Cloud.  The reader would also need to consider other factors such […]

Oracle Service Cloud – Getting Started With Bulk APIs

Introduction Oracle Service Cloud (henceforth referred to as OSvC) provides a complete customer service solution that offers cross-channel service delivery, web customer service, self-service, knowledge management, and a host of other features. Besides its functional capabilities, OSvC provides a robust, API based integration and extension framework. In this and a few upcoming blogs we’ll focus […]

Implementing Upsert for Oracle Service Cloud APIs

Introduction Oracle Service Cloud provides a powerful, highly scalable SOAP based batch API supporting all the usual CRUD style operations. We have recently worked with a customer who wants to leverage this API in large scale but requires the ability to have ‘upsert’ logic in place, i.e. either create or update data in Oracle Service […]