Tips for Improving Endeca CAS Reliability with ATG

The Content Acquisition System [CAS] component is provided as a part of the Endeca Guided Search product. CAS provides the record stores into which ATG pushes product information in preparation for search indexing. It is a generational data store; in other words, it keeps track of product information changes being made over time and applies […]

Debugging CAS with the Endeca RecordStore Inspector

Introduction When it comes to debugging Endeca Content Acquisition System (CAS) related issues, there are few tools that Endeca developers have at their disposal to aid them in their troubleshooting. Most know to review the CAS service logs, but occasionally an issue arises where a peek inside a record store can be very revealing. If […]

Notes on Querying Endeca from within an ATG Application

Background On a few projects in 2014, the issue of Endeca’s performance came up. Specifically, applications were seeing a large number of queries and were also generating large response sizes from Endeca. These queries were not being generated by the Assembler API, but were one-off queries created to bring back other information from Endeca. This […]

Understanding the Endeca CAS & EAC APIs

Introduction I’ve always felt that the best way to understand something is to take it apart and try to put it back together. In this blog we’ll be doing that by deconstructing the Endeca application scripts and reconstructing them in Java, revealing their inner workings and familiarizing developers with the Endeca CAS, RecordStore, and EAC […]

WebCenter Sites Demo Integration with Endeca Guided Search

In early 2014, WebCenter Sites engineering produced a demo Sites + Endeca Guided Search integration for the A-Team to review. The use case for such a demo is quite compelling: pretty much any large Sites-authored website can benefit from Guided Search technology. And while one “could” implement a guided search mechanism in WebCenter Sites it […]

Three Patterns for Integrating WebCenter Sites with Oracle Commerce

The A-Team is please to announce the general availability of the white paper Three Patterns for Integrating WebCenter Sites with Oracle Commerce. This paper can be downloaded here. Three Patterns for Integrating WebCenter Sites with Oracle Commerce_v1.1   Note: sample source code to support integrations with 3rd party apps is available here: All content listed […]

Sanity Testing Baseline Updates using Endeca CAS

Introduction When working with Endeca indexes, a question frequently asked by customers is whether it is possible to insert quality checks into the baseline update procedure, such that if the checks don’t succeed, the baseline update doesn’t proceed. In this blog I will demonstrate a technique using the Endeca CAS API that allows customers to […]

Links to various WebCenter Sites + Oracle Commerce Integration (side-by-side) documents

This blog post is a placeholder for aggregating links related to technical documents specific to integrating WebCenter Sites with Oracle Commerce in a side-by-side manner. In particular, this webpage is referenced within the “Three Patterns for Integrating WebCenter Sites with Oracle Commerce” white paper produced by the A-Team. Links: Three Patterns for Integrating WebCenter Sites […]

Sites Asset Modeling when integrating with Endeca

Introduction The combination of Sites + Endeca is a good fit as the products complement each other nicely with little overlap. However, there is no current best practice for what kinds of modeling changes should be considered (if any) when the two products are integrated. Since Endeca has exceptionally robust tools to precisely control denormalization, […]