Oracle GoldenGate: Monitoring “Things” That Affect Replication Stability

Introduction There have been a lot of escalations to A-Team where Oracle GoldenGate outages could have been avoided if System and Database Administrators had been properly monitoring their environments. In this article we’re going to discuss various areas that should be monitored regularly to avoid degradations in performance and unscheduled outages. The concepts, scripts, and information […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: GoldenGate Capture from a DataGuard with Cascaded Redo Logs

  Introduction This paper provides guidance and examples for setting up downstream extraction from an Oracle DataGuard Standby system that has been configured with cascading redo logs. We outline how to configure the cascade log shipping from the standby to the mining database as well has how to configure the extract process on the mining […]

Oracle GoldenGate extract recovery (Missing archivelogs)

  Issue description: The issue occurs when archive logs that are needed by Oracle GoldenGate extract gets deleted. For example this can happen when purging old archive logs using RMAN with “force” option. RMAN is integrated with OGG so under normal circumstances RMAN never deletes an archive log that is required by OGG extract. But […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Security Best Practices

Introduction Securing platforms, applications, and data from unauthorized access is of great importance to IT organizations. In this article we shall detail the product features and best practices for securing your Oracle GoldenGate environment. The concepts presented in this article are for educational purposes only. Before applying any changes presented in this article to your environment, […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: HP Nonstop Audited Data Replication

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate for HP Nonstop provides capabilities for the manipulation of transactional data and the replication of selected TMF Audited Enscribe, SQL/MP, SQL/MX, and Non-Audited Enscribe data to a variety of applications and platforms. In this article we shall present a series of “best practices” for the configuration and operation of Oracle GoldenGate when […]

Oracle GoldenGate: SQL Server to SQL Server Instantiation

Introduction The target database instantiation, or initial load, process is key to a successful Oracle GoldenGate implementation. In this article we shall present best practices when instantiating a target Microsoft SQL Server database from a source SQL Server database when implementing Oracle GoldenGate. Main Article When planning a target database instantiation, there are several questions […]

Uploading a file to Oracle storage cloud service using REST API

Introduction This is the second part of a two part article which demonstrates how to upload data in near-real time from an on-premise oracle database to Oracle Storage Cloud Service. In the previous article of this series, we demonstrated Oracle GoldenGate functionality to write to a flat file using Apache Flume File Roll Sink. If you would […]

Oracle GoldenGate: How to Configure On-Premises to GoldenGate Cloud Services (GGCS) Replication with Corente VPN

Introduction Important Update as of 20171201: There’s a new article that covers an updated procedure on how to setup OPC Cloud Gateway VPN using Corente. The article’s title is This document will walk you through how to configure Oracle GoldenGate replication between On-Premises to GoldenGate Cloud Service (GGCS) on Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) via Virtual […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Configuring Oracle GoldenGate Monitor 12c

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate provides data capture from transaction logs and delivery for heterogeneous databases and messaging systems. Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) provides a flexible, de-coupled architecture that can be used to implement virtually all database replication scenarios. Oracle GoldenGate Monitor provides secure viewing, management, and alerting capabilities for GoldenGate with end-to-end topology solution displays and customizable […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: How to Process Primary Key Updates in a Hub and Spoke Configuration where the Targets are a Subset of the Source

Introduction This document describes how to convert a primary key update operation into a delete and insert operation based on the customer’s needs. This will be required where data is filtered and sent to different target locations based on the value of the primary key. This document is intended for Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs), Oracle […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Active-Active Configuration with DDL and DML CDR

​Introduction This document is an introduction to Oracle GoldenGate’s best practices and guidelines for configuring Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) in an active-active environment with DDL replication enabled while also using the built in functionality of DML Conflict Detection and Resolution (CDR).  This document is intended for Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs), Oracle Developers with some basic knowledge […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: GoldenGate Downstream Extract with Oracle Data Guard

Introduction Oracle’s customers are seeking the highest level of data protection and availability.  In doing so, they have deployed complex configurations using the latest HA and DR solutions.  The goal of this blog post is to discuss an approach of integrating Oracle GoldenGate Downstream Integrated Extract with Oracle Data Guard. Main Article   Downstream Integrated […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Oracle Migrations and Upgrades 9i and up

Introduction Eliminating database downtime poses a significant challenge for IT organizations that need to upgrade or migrate mission-critical database environments running Oracle Database 9i or Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g. This is particularly true for applications that must provide continuous or near-continuous operations to users who increasingly expect uninterrupted availability of online services. […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best practices: GoldenGate parameter files

Introduction  This paper provides an example of Oracle GoldenGate parameter files that can be used to configure Oracle GoldenGate replication that complies with recommended best practices. The example is generic and can serve as a starting point for a more customized Oracle GoldenGate implementation. Main Article Most Oracle GoldenGate functionality is controlled by means of parameters […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Testing Maximum Performance of Disks in UNIX

Introduction This document will detail how to calculate maximum disk read and write rates for a single process using the UNIX “dd” and “time” commands. Not covered in this document are performance differences using different RAID (redundantly arrayed independent disks) configurations, limitations of the system bus speeds and limitations of controller buffer speeds. Main Article […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Using the GoldenGate Logdump Utility to Manually Load Balance across Multiple Processes

Introduction This technical document describes how to combine the GoldenGate logdump utility, UNIX shell scripting and MS Excel to generate a detailed summary report to aid in manual load balancing of tables across multiple GoldenGate replication processes. This document is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all replication performance techniques; it is limited […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Oracle Streams to Oracle GoldenGate Conversion for Reporting Databases

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate is the strategic replication solution for Oracle Database and for heterogeneous databases. Given the strategic nature of Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Streams will continue to be supported, but will not be enhanced. For this reason, some Oracle Streams customers may prefer to migrate their replication environments to Oracle GoldenGate. Main Article The goal […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Dual Apply

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate provides a real-time, log-based change data capture and replication software platform that enables high volumes of transactional data to be moved between homogenous and heterogeneous platforms and databases, even bi-directionally, in sub-second speed, with no impact. With this technology, Oracle provides continuous availability and real-time data integration solutions to deliver real-time access […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: NFS Mount options for use with Oracle GoldenGate

Introduction The purpose of this document is to outline the file system mount options to use when configuring GoldenGate to run with NFS mounted file system. Main Article Unless IO buffering is OFF, NFS mounts should not be used when running any Oracle GoldenGate processes.  The danger occurs when one process registers the end of a trail file or transaction log […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 integrated extract and Oracle Data Guard — Switchover/failover operations

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic replication solution for data distribution and data integration.  Oracle Data Guard is Oracle’s strategic Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for the Oracle Database. It is common for customers to deploy both capabilities within the same configuration given the important role of each technology. For example, GoldenGate capture processes can be […]