Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Testing Maximum Performance of Disks in UNIX

Introduction This document will detail how to calculate maximum disk read and write rates for a single process using the UNIX “dd” and “time” commands. Not covered in this document are performance differences using different RAID (redundantly arrayed independent disks) configurations, limitations of the system bus speeds and limitations of controller buffer speeds. Main Article […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Extracting object ID’s for ALTID Table Mapping

Introduction In some cases it may be necessary to use the object ID’s to extract table data. This document covers the steps necessary to convert a list of tables into a list of object ID’s that can be used in an extract process as ALTID’s.   ALTID’s can be used in the case where a source […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: NFS Mount options for use with Oracle GoldenGate

Introduction The purpose of this document is to outline the file system mount options to use when configuring GoldenGate to run with NFS mounted file system. Main Article Unless IO buffering is OFF, NFS mounts should not be used when running any Oracle GoldenGate processes.  The danger occurs when one process registers the end of a trail file or transaction log […]

Oracle GoldenGate – A Guide to Globalization aspects when working with OGG

Introduction The goal of this paper is to describe the concepts related to globalization and provide best practice guidelines when configuring Oracle GoldenGate (OGG). Main Article We will begin by defining character set and discuss the various usage contexts of character sets which are referred to when configuring OGG. The complete document can be found […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Understanding Referential and Transactional Data Integrity

Introduction When working with new Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) customers we always get two questions: How can I ensure the referential integrity of my data? How can I ensure transactions are applied to my target database in the proper order? The key is to understand the difference between referential and transactional data, and how they relate […]

Index of Oracle GoldenGate articles

Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time, log-based change data capture, and delivery between heterogeneous systems. Using this technology, it enables a cost-effective and low-impact real-time data integration and continuous availability solution. Oracle GoldenGate moves committed transactions with transaction integrity and minimal overhead on your existing infrastructure. The architecture supports multiple data replication topologies such as one-to-many, many-to-many, […]