Exalogic Virtual Tea Break Snippets – Modifying the Default LVM Guest Template

With the latest release of the Exalogic Virtual Environment ( an number of modifications have been implemented and one of these is the introduction of an LVM based Guest Template. LVM was a much requested feature for the base template but it’s introduction means the information provided in my blog entry Exalogic Virtual Tea Break […]

Exalogic Virtual Tea Break Snippets – Power Cycling Your Virtual Exalogic Rack

On rare occasions you may need to Power Cycle / Shutdown your Virtualised Exalogic Rack. Although the Power Cycle for the Physical Rack is documented in the “Exalogic Machine Owners Guide” and the Control Stack procedure is defined within a MOS note we do not have a single source that documents the Power Down / Power Up procedure for a […]

Exalogic Virtual Tea Break Snippets – Creating Accounts

Once we have created our Users and Networks we will want to
enable the Virtual Data Centre (vDC) for access by the Cloud
Users. To facilitate this we will need to create Accounts within
the vDC / Cloud and allocate the users to these accounts. Once a
Cloud User has been allocated to an account they will be able to
access that account and hence create / manage Virtual Servers
within that account / Pool.

To create an Account within a vDC / Pool you will
need to be logged into Enterprise Manager Ops Centre (EMOC) with
the appropriate Role, and this is generally done using you Cloud
Administrator, then simply navigate to the vDC Management
Accordion, vDC, your Cloud and finally Accounts.

InfiniBand Enabled Diskless PXE Boot

If you ever need to bring up a computer with InfiniBand networking
capabilities and diagnostic tools, without even going through any
installation on its hard disk, then please read on. In this article, I
am going to talk about how to boot a computer…

Configure IPoIB on Solaris 10 branded zone

Compute nodes in Exalogic communicate with each other and mount their shares from the ZFS storage appliance over the bond0 interface. Bond0 is a highly available network interface over the InfiniBand fabric using a portability layer called IPoIB that allows compute nodes and the storage appliance to communicate using TCP/IP protocol over InfiniBand.

In previous entry, we have created a Solaris 10 branded zone, obviously we would also like the branded zone to be able to mount shares from the ZFS storage appliance over IPoIB.

In this entry, I’ll show you the steps.

Create Solaris 10 Branded Zone on Exalogic

One of the reasons that customers choose to run Solaris 11 Express on Exalogic is the capability to create container. Container is a form of Operating System Virtualization that allows multiple operating system environments to coexist on a single system. Container not only allows user to run the same version of Solaris but it is also possible to create a container, also known as branded zone, to run previous Solaris version, such as Solaris 10. It is a very useful feature that enable customer to continue running applications that only certified on older OS version.

In this entry, I will show you the steps to create a Solaris 10 branded zone on Exalogic.

Advance Routing for Multi-Homed Hosts

Scenario based discussion on enabling access to a host across multiple
routers and network. Use of Linux Advance Routing through iproute2 tool
set. Comparison on when to use static vs. multiple default routes.

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Deployments over InfiniBand Infrastructure

What actually drives network requirements ? Use of InfiniBand Partition
Keys to create isolation between functional groups of servers. Sample
use case illustrating how to design internal InfiniBand networks.
Application consolidations and their asso…

Switches Inside Oracle’s Engineered Systems

An introduction to Oracle’s InfiniBand switches providing immense bandwidth and high speed connectivity inside latest Engineered Systems. Brief comparisons, topology builds and overall network layout information.


InfiniBand Building Blocks

In the context of Oracle’s Engineered Systems, I am going to explain how
an InfiniBand network is actually created using various building blocks
of hardware and software. Includes a very basic view of a host
participating in IB network and their con…

InfiniBand: What about it ?

Neeraj Gupta from our Networking team introduces Infiniband.
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