Monitoring SaaS Application Performance in EM using RUEI

Introduction Performance and efficiency are essential to having a positive user experience and the diagnosis of click and flow activities can be a complex task in a SaaS environment where access to various log files is limited. Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) – monitors real user activity, records user session data and provide web […]

Fusion Applications : Priming the Server Startup

Introduction After restart of the Fusion Applications (FA), the very first clicks can at times get slow responses compared to subsequent clicks to the same pages, as a result of cache’s not being populated yet. As with any Java application, this is normal as a large number of objects (classes, ADF objects, Profiles etc.) need […]

Performance Management Post Go Live

Introduction A common practice for handling performance considerations during software implementations is to include a phase near the end of the development cycle for load and stress testing and to then tune the system based on the results of those tests. However, software systems are not static. The system is constantly changing through addition of […]

Splitting Fusion Applications Topology from Single to Multiple Host Servers

Introduction The purpose of this technical paper is to document how to split Fusion Applications domains to multiple machines when originally provisioned in a single machine. This is different than scaling out or scaling up a Fusion Applications environment. This is also not to be confused with moving Fusion Applications from one environment to another. […]