Testing Business Rules

Today I learned about a really neat utility that was developed by my colleague, Olivier Lediouris, which allows you to test Business Rules in a standalone/offline fashion – without the need to deploy them to a SOA/BPM server and build … Continue reading

Oracle Business Rules – A BPM “How To” Guide

Oracle Business Rules 11g – Choices with BPM 11g

There are essentially three choices available when using Business Rules with BPM 11g, each has its own benefits and drawbacks, this blog will explain….

  1. Business Rules included statically inside the Parent BPM process
  2. Business Rules contained within their own project/composite and exposed as a webservice
  3. Business Rules included in a simple BPM project exposed as a webservice

There are several touchpoints for business rules that need to be understood before deciding which of the above options to choose….

Creating rules in Oracle Policy Automation

As a follow up to this earlier post, we will now explore how to create a basic rulebase using Oracle Policy Automation. This post was created using Oracle Policy Modeling on Windows 2008 Server R2. Unlike other rules engines, … Continue reading