Creating a React Based Conversational Chatbot Client

Built using Oracle Intelligent Bots version 18.2.3 Introduction Oracle Intelligent Bots is an integrated feature of Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise (AMCe) which allows you to develop Intelligent Chatbots. A Chatbot or Bot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. End users can easily connect to […]

Accessing RSS Feeds in JavaScript

Introduction RSS (Really Simple Syndication I always called it but also Rich Site Summary) is an XML document containing headline or summary items. Consuming RSS feeds in JavaScript is more convenient with JSON data so we’ll take a look at tools to convert a feed to JSON. Then we’ll look at examples of using RSS data on […]

Oracle Sales Cloud REST APIs – Handling Child Objects

Introduction Oracle Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive set of customization tools and configuration options to implement customer-specific business cases. In this article I would like to put a spot light on an imaginary situation Customer is active in an industry like Hightech, Mechanical Engineering or Tooling and uses Oracle Sales Cloud for their sales processes […]

Using the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service SDK with AngularJS and Ionic

Introduction Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) can be used with any mobile client development tool. To speed up development for the most popular development tools, MCS comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for native Android, iOS and Windows development, as well as a JavaScript SDK for hybrid JavaScript-based development. Oracle’s A-Team has gained experience […]

Oracle JET with NodeJS

Introduction Now that Oracle JET is released, you may look for simple way to start playing with the framework, not only on the UI side but also using some mock-up REST APIs and probably build something more realistic. In this article I would like to show you a simple way to use Oracle JET in […]

Consuming RESTful services in Oracle Database Cloud Service from AngularJS

Oracle Cloud Database Schema Service (DbCS Schema) allows developers to expose RESTful (Representational State Transfer) services in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format from the database. This nice feature offers an open and easy way for applications constructed using different technologies to access data in DbCS Schema. AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework. It provides […]

Node.js – Invoking Secured REST Services in Fusion Cloud – Part 1

Introduction This post focuses on invoking secured Fusion Cloud RESTFul services using Node.js. Part 1 is explicitly focused on the “GET” method. The assumption is that the reader has some basic knowledge on Node.js. Please refer to this link to download and install Node.js in your environment. Node.js is a programming platform that allows you to execute […]

Run custom JavaScript when ADF page loads

Ran into a neat way to load and run custom javascript when an ADF page loads:         <af:resource type=”javascript”>           //Script block           if (window.addEventL…