Automate Compute Service Management on BMCS with Python and Ansible

Introduction A while ago, I published a post on automating Oracle Compute Service Cloud instances using Python and Ansible. Now that the Bare Metal Cloud Service is available, you can create a compute instance as well as other resources such DB instance on BMCS. In this post, I, again, use Python and Ansible to demonstrate automation […]

API Platform Cloud Service REST API scripts and REPL using Python

Introduction This blog introduces a few useful Python scripts written to repeatedly perform common administrative tasks and development operations on an API Platform Cloud Service instance. The scripts are written in Python and can be executed on all Python 3.6+ supported platforms Why These scripts are written keeping in mind a few real life use […]

Automate Oracle Compute Cloud Service Management with Python Requests

Oracle Compute Cloud Service exposes a set of REST APIs for managing Compute Cloud resources programmatically. This post presents to you a sample implementation of the REST API using Python Requests package. Inside the package, module is the main implementation of the REST API module demonstrates most of available retrieval operations demonstrates […]