Updating a task from .Net

In this previous post I showed how to use the TaskQueryService to query tasks.  In this post, I am going to take this one step further and update the task payload and process the task.  In order to do this, … Continue reading

Using the TaskQueryService from .Net (C#)

As regular readers will know, I am working on a .Net version of the custom worklist sample.  As I work on this, I am playing with a few different things in .Net along the way, and it seemed like it … Continue reading

An updated simple WebLogic JMS client in .Net (C#)

In previous posts, we presented a simple WebLogic JMS client in Java here, and an updated one here.  We also presented a simple C# JMS program here. In this post, we present a more or less equivalent C#/.Net implementation of … Continue reading

Using JMS in .Net Applications

I was asked recently what we could do about allowing .Net applications to participate in pub/sub environments alongside Java applications.  It turns out that WebLogic Server, since 10.3, has a built-in .Net JMS client, which allows us to easily write … Continue reading