Adding a Rich Text Editor Component to Oracle PCS Web Form

Introduction Oracle PCS Web Forms allow PCS developers to construct a web-based interface for users to interact with process instances. The Web Form comes out of the box with some basic UI components such as input fields, text areas, buttons, tables, etc. One frequently used web-based text editing tool: Rich Text Editor, however, is missing. […]

Techniques used to build PaaS4SaaS Mashup using Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service

Introduction Oracle ABCS is Oracles new citizen developer service allowing citizen developers the ability to quickly build applications for the web/mobile web. A common request from SaaS customers is the desire to have both standalone and embeded custom screens for their SaaS solutions. These obviously need to be feature rich, sexy UIs and above all […]

MCS Mobile Solution for E-Business Suite – Part 1 (Introduction)

Introduction Earlier this month, a new version of mobile cloud service (MCS) was released, MCSV2.0 (16.2.3) offers many new features and capabilities such as Location based services. For the full list of new capabilities,please check Oracle MCS V2.0 release notes here. One of the new features MCS V2.0 offers, is a set of pre-packaged applications that allows you […]

Creating custom Fusion Applications User Interfaces using Oracle JET

Introduction JET is Oracle’s new mobile toolkit specifically written for developers to help them build client slide applications using JavaScript. Oracle Fusion Applications implementers are often given the requirement to create mobile, or desktop browser, based custom screens for Fusion Applications. There are many options available to the developer for example Oracle ADF (Java Based) and Oracle JET (JavaScript […]

Hybrid Mobile Apps: Using the Mobile Cloud Service JavaScript SDK with Oracle JET

Introduction Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service has a Javascript SDK that makes connecting your hybrid mobile app to your mobile backend service a breeze.  The Javascript SDK for MCS comes in two flavors, one for web applications and one for Cordova applications. The MCS Javascript SDK for Cordova has a few more capabilities than the web version, such […]

Optimize Oracle JET – Continue

Introduction It seams to be a lot of interest about my previous article, regarding Oracle JET optimization techniques. In this second post of the same journey I would like to continue with the optimization. As I mention in the previous article it is possible by using the Require JS Optimizer, to reduce the requests to […]

Optimize Oracle JET

Introduction In my last article, I shown you how you could run a Node project using Oracle JET. In this post I would use the project as a basis and talk about another interesting topic, optimization. There are many aspects how HTML based client-server applications should be optimized, but mostly comes down to two key […]

Oracle JET with NodeJS

Introduction Now that Oracle JET is released, you may look for simple way to start playing with the framework, not only on the UI side but also using some mock-up REST APIs and probably build something more realistic. In this article I would like to show you a simple way to use Oracle JET in […]