Connecting ODICS and DIPC Studios to the Exadata Express Cloud

Introduction This post details the steps required to create connections in Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS) and Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC) to the Exadata Express Cloud. It demonstrates both the Thin and OCI versions of the Oracle JDBC driver. It is a companion post to Connecting Oracle Data Integrator Studio to the Exadata Express Cloud which uses ODI Studio on Windows. For […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: GoldenGate Capture from a DataGuard with Cascaded Redo Logs

  Introduction This paper provides guidance and examples for setting up downstream extraction from an Oracle DataGuard Standby system that has been configured with cascading redo logs. We outline how to configure the cascade log shipping from the standby to the mining database as well has how to configure the extract process on the mining […]

Adding FA AppIDUsers to the no password expiry policy in R12

Introduction During provisioning of a new FA instance the passwords for FA AppIDUsers like FUSION_APPS_PROV_PATCH_APPID or similar users will expire after 120 days which is the standard value for normal OID users. This article is intended to describe how you can apply the no password expiry policy to all FA AppIDUsers in a newly provisioned R12 […]

Resources for learning RDF Semantic Graph (Part 1)

Continuing my series on graph databases (see: Intro to Graphs at Oracle) I thought it would be useful to provide a “cheat sheet” for bootstrapping your learning of RDF Semantic Graph technologies. I’m starting with RDF since it has been around longer, is a W3C standard, has more in-depth training available, and the lessons learned […]

BI Cloud Connector – Deletion of Data Extract Files on UCM

Introduction This blog post is the continuation of the formerly shared article about BI Cloud Connector (BICC) Data Extraction File Downloading. In the previous blog post I gave an introduction into BICC and we discussed the options how to download the data extraction files from Storage Cloud or the internal built-in Universal Content Management (UCM) […]

Intro to Graphs at Oracle

Oracle has had a long history with graph technologies, with support of RDF Triplestores going back more than ten years. During that period property graphs were introduced to big data solutions and more recently to Oracle RDBMS as well. All graph technology at Oracle are available via the Spatial & Graph product line, which extends […]

Getting Credentials in Fusion Applications

Introduction Oracle Fusion Applications is configured to save normal user names and credentials in Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and used for authentication purposes. Many of the applications store connection usernames and credentials they need in the credential store and retrieve these from the store when required. This article shows how Fusion Applications Administrators can retrieve […]

Extending analytics for Integration cloud using Elastic stack.

Introduction Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) offers industry-leading SaaS integration capabilities.  It provides extensive monitoring, tracking and reporting features out-of-the-box. Occasionally, enterprises do have reporting and analysis needs those are better met by additional reporting and analytics products. This article discusses couple of such use cases and describes how to implement one of them using Elastic […]

NetSuite Integration Series: Part 1: Using User Event Scripts for real time integration using Integration Cloud

Introduction Every time a customer is created in System X, it should trigger an integration which creates the customer in System Y as well.   This is a very common requirement, and different applications address it differently. For example, Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) and E-Business Suite (EBS) provide business events; Commerce Cloud has WebHooks. You […]

Gradient Descent For Machine Learning

1. Introduction In very simplistic terms Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn, without being explicitly programmed. So, how do computers learn? They learn, just like we do, through experience. They perform a task, measure its performance and with experience, improve the performance. Tom Mitchell, a professor at CMU, describes Machine Learning […]

Calling an ICS/OIC service from BI Publisher

Introduction Although Oracle SaaS such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM, and Oracle Sales Cloud has a rich set of Webservices and APIs that can be called to retrieve data from these applications, there is always a need to generate data to downstream systems that are not available through these exposed Webservice and APIs. This […]

Commerce Product Catalog Modeling Principles

A proper product catalog model underpins the success of any online commerce solution. The key ingredients for good modeling are: simplicity. The catalog objects (items) must follow the precepts of good domain-driven design with bounded contexts. Each object should have a unique purpose and representation. coupling. Loose couplings should be used whenever possible, so as […]

Using Oracle Developer Cloud Service for semi-automated environment promotion handoffs

Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery (CICD) promise great rewards if your organization can embrace the significant challenges involved. However, traditional production environment management practice is often favoured in enterprise environments, because other concerns are much more important to the enterprise than the “latest features”. Here I am going to discuss a way to potentially bring […]

Deploying OSB projects from DevCS to SOACS

This blog is a companion to David Craft’s excellent series on using DevCS with SOACS to deploy SOA composites to a SOACS instance. Discussion There are several challenges in deploying OSB from DevCS to SOACS. Typically a self-signed certificate environment. Unless otherwise configured, SOACS defaults to a generated self-signed certificate. Because non-SSL communication is usually […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Security Best Practices

Introduction Securing platforms, applications, and data from unauthorized access is of great importance to IT organizations. In this article we shall detail the product features and best practices for securing your Oracle GoldenGate environment. The concepts presented in this article are for educational purposes only. Before applying any changes presented in this article to your environment, […]

Hybrid Cloud Integration with MFT Cloud Service and VPN Gateway in Oracle Public Cloud

Executive Overview MFT customers often receive files via SFTP in the MFT Cloud Service (MFTCS) and have a need to send those file across to an on-premise server. This can be achieved by using a secure VPN tunnel between the MFTCS Compute VM and the on-premise server. This blog describes a possible way to setup such a […]

Discover Utility : A Tool to Collect Comprehensive Configuration Details of a Fusion Applications Instance

Introduction Oracle Fusion Applications is a large collection of artifacts at various levels – from Application Modules,URLs and Web services at the top levels to storage, hostnames and IPs at the lower layers with numerous connection and configuration settings and tunable parameters within and across the various products in different layers.  Often administrators need values […]

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Web Service Connections in SaaS Integrations

A Checklist for Success with TLS Why We Need This Despite the full feature sets and capabilities that Oracle builds into their software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud applications, there are still going to be occasional customers with business requirements that cannot be satisfied solely with a single SaaS subscription.  In these cases, it is possible to extend […]

Adding a Rich Text Editor Component to Oracle PCS Web Form

Introduction Oracle PCS Web Forms allow PCS developers to construct a web-based interface for users to interact with process instances. The Web Form comes out of the box with some basic UI components such as input fields, text areas, buttons, tables, etc. One frequently used web-based text editing tool: Rich Text Editor, however, is missing. […]

BI Cloud Connector – Download Data Extraction Files from Oracle Fusion SaaS

Introduction The Oracle Fusion based SaaS offerings provide an interesting tool to extract data and to store them in CSV format on a shared resource like the Fusion SaaS built-in UCM server or a Storage Cloud: BI Cloud Connector (BICC). The extracted data can be copied from these cloud resources and downloaded to local resources, […]