Java Object Cache in a clustered WebCenter Portal (Spaces) environment

When working with WebCenter Spaces it is recommended to configure the Java Object Cache (JOC) to increase performance as described in following section of the Enterprise Deployment Guide.In a clustered environment the JOC is responsible for synchronizi…

Building a hybrid application with Mobile Application Framework and WebCenter Portal

Introduction With the release of the Mobile Application Framework it makes sense to look into building a hybrid application that integrates assets from WebCenter into a native application. This will reduce the development cost (build once, reuse multiple times) and simplifies management. WebCenter Portal provides functionality to target specific pages to specific mobile devices. By […]

Summary of Mobile Access to WebCenter Portal Activity Stream

Introduction Oracle WebCenter Portal (WCP) provides a list of activities that have recently occurred in a portal, called an activity stream, via a Representational State Transfer (REST) interface. This article summarizes accessing this activity stream from a mobile device, making use of the Oracle Service Bus (OSB), and the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF). The […]

Development Lifecycle for Task Flows in Oracle WebCenter Portal Builder

Introduction This articles promotes the paper published by A-Team which steps you through the development lifecycle of a sample task flow in WebCenter Portal Builder. The document shows how to develop and test a task flow in JDeveloper, then describes how to deploy, redeploy, and use the task flow in WebCenter Portal, as well as […]

Unable to See Coherence MBean in Enterprise Manager Configured for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter

Introduction After configuring Coherence Cache for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter customer was not able to see the Coherence MBeans in the Enterprise Manager. Futher investigation revealed that the issue was due to configuration in WebLogic Server. Main Article After configuring Coherence Cache for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter customer was not able to see the Coherence […]

Options for Handling the Session ID that Appears in the URL on the Initial Loading of a Portal Application

Introduction By default, a session ID parameter appears in URL when a WebCenter Portal (WCP) application is first accessed.  If cookies are enabled in the browser, this parameter no longer appears in the URL. Some users and customers have expressed concern over this behavior, since the session ID is readily available in the URL.  This […]

SEO tips for WebCenter Content Presenter

Introduction When building a public facing website, it is important that search engines like Google and Bing can understand the content on your page. This will allow those engines to properly index your site which will result in better rankings and traffic. WebCenter Portal provides several techniques to deliver content in dynamic way which can […]

Dynamic Page Styles Using Dynamic Declarative Components

Introduction In WebCenter Portal (WCP), once a page is created with a particular style, any subsequent changes to that style are not applied to those existing pages.  Internally, the page style definition is copied when the page is created, so there is no link back to those pages when the page style is updated.  The […]

How to Manage Single-use Accounts and Multiple Scripts When Testing WebCenter with OATS

Introduction A previous blog post discussed how to generate and consume user accounts when testing WebCenter with OATS.  In this scenario, the generated user accounts can only be used once. This blog post addresses the additional complexity of multiple scripts that each do a part of the overall test case, with each script using the […]

ADF-WebCenter Responsive-Adaptive Design Beyond

Introduction A topic that comes up frequently in many ATEAM customer engagements is what are the best practices for producing a responsive design for a WebCenter application. There are many informative blogs and presentations on how to achieve this through-out the web. The methodology and strategies used by the authors will often depend on the […]