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Oracle Commerce is the industry’s top-ranked commerce solution that powers the world’s best brands, and delivers a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience. Oracle Commerce offers a complete commerce software platform that enables you to deliver a personalized customer buying experience across all customer touch points, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores, and more. Whenever and wherever customers engage with your business, Oracle Endeca Commerce delivers, analyzes, and targets just the right content to just the right customer to encourage clicks and drive business results..

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Oracle Commerce automates and personalizes the online buying experience to increase conversions and order value, and ensure ongoing customer loyalty. Because it’s built on a flexible, component-based e-commerce software architecture, Oracle Commerce is an easily implemented best-in-class commerce solution that increases revenue, improves customer service, helps companies achieve maximum, long-term business growth, and is available as either a licensed solution or hosted on-demand solution..

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Oracle Commerce Merchandising helps drive revenue and lower inventory expenses by giving you direct control over your e-commerce storefront to maximize margins, reduce inventory, and differentiate your products and services from the competition. Advanced segmentation-based personalization capabilities help you quickly direct shoppers to the most attractive and relevant offers..

Commerce Experience Manager >

Oracle Commerce Experience Manager provides a single, flexible platform to create, deliver, and manage content-rich, cross-channel customer experiences. It allows nontechnical users to combine unlimited variations of virtual product and customer data to deliver personalized assortments of relevant products, promotions and content to buyers based on what they want in that moment… and entice them with what they might want in the future.

  • Allow business users to change the customer experience and dynamically push updates—without engaging IT
  • Extend and manage the full breadth of Oracle Endeca’s commerce capabilities into multiple channels.
Commerce Guided Search >

Oracle Commerce Guided Search is the most effective way for customers to dynamically explore your storefront and find relevant and desired items quickly.

  • Guide and influence customers at each step of their search experience to encourage exploration and discovery
  • Use data and content from any source (sales, profile, social, analytics, product) to power smarter, richer search experiences
  • Integrate with key systems such as commerce platforms, review sites, Web analytics, and content management systems to deliver precise, more-relevant, and more complete results.
Commerce Service Center >

Oracle’s Commerce Service Center streamlines customer service and integrates all customer touch points to help you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, while reducing the cost of customer service. With faster problem resolution and a personalized, consistent experience across multiple channels, you can deliver the best possible customer service and drive repeat business to your Web commerce site..