Connecting Data Visualization Desktop Version 5 to the Autonomous Data Warehouse


This post details the steps required in Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) version 5 (12.2.5+) to upload Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) wallets and to create ADW data connections.

For DVD Version 4 ADW Connections refer to Creating a Connection in Data Visualization Desktop Version 4 to the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

For additional details on ADW, visit the Autonomous Data Warehouse page. For additional details on DVD visit the  Oracle Data Visualization page.

The instructions found in Create Connections to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud are sufficient for experienced users. This post supplements the instructions with images of the screens used.

Please review the Known Issues section if you encounter difficulties.


      Latest Validation: October 1, 2018 using DVD

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Published on: October 2, 2018


Using ADW Wallets in DVD

Creating an ADW Data Connection

Known Issues

Versions Used


Using ADW Wallets in DVD

To enable secure communication between DVD and the Autonomous Data Warehouse, you must use trusted SSL certificates contained in an ADW wallet.


Obtaining the Client Credentials Zip File from the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Console

Unzipping the Client Credentials Wallet Zip File

Obtaining the Client Credentials Zip File from the ADW Console

The ADW wallet file is one of the files provided in the Client Credentials zip file. Refer to Downloading Client Credentials (Wallet) for the steps.

Unzipping the Client Credentials Zip File

Use an unzip utility to unzip the Client Credentials Zip File e.g. to a directory e.g. wallet_DB201806211045.

Creating an ADW Data Connection

A data connection is used to create DV data sets. With DVD versions 12.2.5+, an ADW wallet is uploaded for each ADW Data Connection.

Start DVD or Click Home to access the DV home page.

Click Create

Click Connection

Click the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse connection type

Complete the connection details and click Save.

The Host, Port, and Service Name are found in the tnsnames.ora file in the unzipped ADW client credentials directory.

The Client Credentials (wallet) is also in the unzipped ADW directory.

Use the Username e.g. Admin and Password specified when the ADW instance was created or a different Schema’s credentials.

You can now create DV data sets from the connection.

Known Issues

TNS_ADMIN Environmental Variable


The TNS_ADMIN variable is used by the sql*net subsystem to locate sql*net files such as sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora. If you have this variable set to a location used for ADW details, then creating a connection to ADW fails. This is because a sqlnet.ora file for ADW has the wallet location set to a location that DVD does not use and/or because a standard ADW sqlnet.ora file has the SSL_SERVER_DN_MATCH parameter set to Yes

Error Messages:

ORA-29003: SSL transport detected mismatched server certificate.

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied


Unset the TNS_ADMIN variable before starting DVD.


This post detailed the steps required in DVD version 5 (12.2.5+) to upload Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) wallets and to create ADW data connections.

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