Fusion Applications – Managing Passwords


There are several types of administrative passwords that can be changed periodically based upon an organizations security requirements and standard operating procedures. The scope of this document is to reflect how password changes in external components such as databases, Identity Management Systems (IDMs), etc., impacts the Fusion Applications tier and how to reconfigure them. This document covers critical password changes such as Fusion Applications administrators, super users, keystores, and database schemas.

This document does not include IDM and Oracle database related administrative user password changes. Also, there is absolutely no attempt in this document to provide any best practices on password management and security policies.

This document is targeted at experienced Fusion Applications System Administrators, Security Architects, and Operations teams.

Please find the white paper here.

Updated on July 2nd, 2012 to add section on System/Policy (PolicyRWUser, PolicyROUser, IDRWUser, IDROUser) users to manage password expiration and account lock policies.

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