Fusion Applications

Provides information about Fusion Application architecture with respect to High Availability, RAC, Exadata, Exalogic, Disaster Recovery, Performance, Virtualization options, OVM Templates, Topology considerations and general information on Fusion Application’s use of Fusion Middleware.

The information found here is intended for on-premise customers. The best practices and operational aspects of the content in this site is a service provided as a part of the Fusion Applications Cloud offering.


Architecture >

Things that you must consider before you fill out configuration forms, and purchase licenses. (Includes considerations for H/A and D/R)

BI / Reporting >

Provides information on how Fusion Applications makes use of BI, both in terms of OTBI as well as the warehouse option for Fusion Applications.

Diagnose and Troubleshoot >

Highlights diagnostic best practices and provides useful tips and tricks designed to speed time to resolution.

Extend and Customize >

Fusion Apps will become part of a larger architecture that supports your enterprise. Understanding how to extend, and customize Fusion Apps will help you solve for the future in less time.

Install and Provision >

Fusion App’s is a tightly integrated, loosely coupled set of services and applications. You will benefit from understanding how to “get it right the first time” with information in this area.

Integrate and Co-exist >

Since Fusion Applications is built on Fusion Middleware, it provides a cohesive technical stack upon which to integrate.  This allows for customers to uptake Fusion Applications over time through standard co-existence strategies and integration techniques.  This section incorporates articles on integration strategies and use cases and how to solve them.

Life-cycle Management >

Provides information about common activities associated with operationalizing Fusion Applications. Topics covered will include cloning, refreshing data in non-production environments, patching, upgrading, and starting/stopping the environment.

Performance >

Any suite of applications is expected to run fast, but knowing how to quantify and improve the performance of Enterprise App’s is often called a black art, with very few experts available to do what’s necessary to deliver the performance you need. We show you pragmatic ways to think about, and improve the performance of Fusion App’s.

Security >

In-depth information about the Fusion App’s security model, including how to integrate it with existing Identity and Access Management systems.