How to change the nodemanager password on a machine with no AdminServer installed in a Fusion Applications environment



In a Fusion Applications environment where a machine has been provisioned with no AdminServer it is not possible to change the node manager password using the console.
For security and during cloning you may need to change this password and this article describes how to do that.



Description of environment


Here is a short overview about the installation based on the CommonDomain. All information given for that domain would also fit for any other domain used in Fusion Applications.

Let us assume we have three machines available and CommonDomain is a multi-server domain spread across these three machines. The machines are named machineA, machineB and machineC. A graphical overview of this installation is given in Diagram1:






In this article we will focus on the method to change the nodemanager passwords for machineB and machineC. For machineA where an AdminServer is running, you can use the standard solutions like changing the password through the wls console or with a wlst script. There is lots of information about that in the web that you can easily find.

Here is now a description how to change nodemanager password on machineB and machineC.

In any Fusion Applications installation you will see a file structure like this:


or sometimes it can be :


where $APPLTOP can differ from installation to installation.

In our example we will use /u01/app as value for $APPLTOP.

So we have this structure:





Underneath these directories you will see the subdirectory config/nodemanager which should include a file named :

So for machineB you will see : /u01/app/fa/instance/domains/machineB/CommonDomain/ config/nodemanager/

All of these files should look like this :

#Node manager user information

#Sat Aug 10 07:20:43 UTC 2013



Procedure to change passwords


Now check that no nodemanager process is running on machineB and machineC. If there are running processes please stop them first before proceed.

Now we need to change the files:

/u01/app/fa/instance/domains/machineB/CommonDomain/ config/nodemanager/


/u01/app/fa/instance/domains/machineC/CommonDomain/ config/nodemanager/

in an editor of your choice.

Remove the line starting with hashed in these files.

Then add these two new lines in both files:



In this example we use admin as username as this is the standard for Fusion Applications.If you are not sure check the username in config.xml file of the CommonDomain.

The new password for the nodemanger must in clear text, after saving and closing the files start the nodemanager on machineB and machineC.


Verify the changes


Check that the change has worked by viewing the you previously updated. They should now both have again the line starting with hashed instead of the manually created new lines and this will confirm that the password change is successful.

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