How to configure Oracle Commerce external repository caching with Coherence


A growing trend in the e-commerce industry is the exponential growth of assets in catalogs and related assets. The fastest way to access these assets is of course the local, in-memory caching, offered by the GSA, Generic SQL Adapter.  But in-memory caching imposes its own limitations: heap size growth, increased database pressure, etc. An alternative is using external caching. A Coherence grid enables the application caching to scale horizontally by many orders of magnitude when compared to the traditional in-memory caching.

Main Article

The purpose of this article is to announce the release of a white paper, entitled “Oracle Commerce External Repository Caching with Coherence.” This paper will provide you with setup and configuration instructions while demonstrating best practices when using Coherence grids in conjunction with Oracle Commerce (ATG).

To download the white paper click on the link below:


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