Integration Cloud Service – Promote Integrations from Test to Production (T2P)

The purpose of this blog is to provide simple steps to move Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) integrations between different ICS environments. Oracle ICS provides export and import utilities to achieve integration promotion.

A typical use-case is to promote tested integrations from Test ICS Environment to Production ICS Environment, in preparation for a project go-live. Usually the Connection endpoints used by the integrations will be different on Test and Production Environments.

The main steps involved in code promotion for this typical use-case are as follows

  • Export an integration from Test ICS
  • Import the integration archive on Prod ICS
  • Update Connection details and activate the integration on Prod ICS Environment

Export an integration from Test ICS

Login to Test ICS
Search and locate the integration on Test ICS
Select ‘Export’ and save the integration archive to the file system.



The integration is saved with a “.iar” extension.









During export, basic information about the connections, like identifier, connection type are persisted.


Import the integration archive on Prod ICS Environment

Login to Prod ICS
Navigate to ‘Integrations’
Select ‘Import Integration’ and choose the integration archive file that was saved in the previous step



Since connection properties and security credentials are not part of the archive, the imported integration is typically not ready for activation.
An attempt to activate will error out and the error message indicates the connection(s) with missing information


Note that, if the connections used by the archive are already present and complete in Prod ICS, then the imported integration is ready for activation.


Update Connection details and activate the integration on Prod ICS Environment

After importing the archive, the user needs to update any incomplete connections before activating the flow.
Navigate to “Connections” and locate the connection to be updated



Select ‘Edit’ and update the connection properties, security credentials and other required fields, as required in the Prod ICS Environment.
‘Test’ Connection and ensure that connection status shows 100%


Note that, the connection identifier and Connection type were preserved during import and cannot be changed.


Once the connection is completed, then the imported integration is ready to be activated and used on Prod ICS environment.



We have seen above the steps for promoting a completed integration for the T2P use-case.
Note that, even incomplete integrations can be moved between ICS environments using the same steps outlined above. This could be useful during development to move integration code reliably between environments.

Also, multiple integrations can be moved between environments using the ‘package’ export and import. This requires that integrations to be organized within ICS packages.

Oracle ICS provides a rich REST API which can be used to automate code promotion between ICS environments.

My colleagues have further developed Python and Java Scripts for ICS REST API
Refer to this A-Team blog by Christian Weeks for Python scripts.
A python REPL for accessing the ICS via REST API
Similarly, the Java Wrapper for ICS REST API is available in this below A-Team blog by Ricardo Ferreira
Java API for Integration Cloud Service

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