As members of the Fusion Middleware A-Team, we hope that we can help you improve your experience with the integration products, tools, and technology.  Through our exposure to a wide range of challenges with the integration products, we have created a site to help answer some common questions and provide some best practices around some challenging real-world scenarios.

Products and technologies

SOA Suite >

A comprehensive software suite for building, deploying and managing SOA-based applications. Components include BPEL PM, Adapters, B2B, BAM, Business Rules, Human Workflow, and SOA for Healthcare.

Oracle Service Bus >

Oracle Service Bus – A lightweight, low-latency enterprise service bus (ESB) that supports message routing, transformation, validation, and protocol translation.

BPM Suite >

BPM Suite – A complete solution for automating BPMN-based business processes including tools to design, build, analyze, and execute those processes.


AIA Foundation Pack – A SOA-based reference architecture, methodology, and tools for creating configurable business processes leveraging existing enterprise applications to more quickly meet the needs of business users.


Oracle Event Processing – A complete solution for building and deploying ultra-high throughput event-based applications using Oracle Continuous Query Language (CQL) on a Java Event-Driven Architecture with microsecond latency requirements.