Need to Integrate your Cloud Applications with On-Premise Systems… What about ODI?

As described in the A-Team article A Universal Cloud Applications Adapter for ODI, it is technically possible to integrate Cloud Applications with ODI.

Cloud Applications Drivers and Adapters

In order to guide you on how ODI can help you to integrate your Cloud Applications, we have compiled the list of SaaS applications and PaaS services that Oracle Data Integrator can connect to as of today.

ODI uses the following specific Drivers or Adapters to connect to Saas applications or Paas services. These allow the connection to SaaS applications or PaaS services, using them as Sources or Targets, to extract or load data. Once connected, those Cloud Applications can be used as any On Premise Application from an ODI point of view.


Type  Source/Target  Connectivity Option Source/Target
 SaaS  Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua)  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  JDBC Out-of-the-Box already supported by Oracle.
SaaS  ServiceNow  Adapter from Bristlecone
 JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  SuccessFactors  Adapter from Bristlecone
 JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  VeevaCRM  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  SugarCRM  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  ServiceMax  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  Google Analytics  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  Microsoft Dynamics CRM  JDBC driver from DataDirect
SaaS  Concur  Adapter from Bristlecone
PaaS  Oracle Database Cloud Service  ODI: Regular JDBC or JDBC over SSH
PaaS  Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud  Service  Knowledge Modules for BICS
PaaS  Oracle Storage Cloud Service  Open Tools for Storage Cloud Service
PaaS  Amazon Redshift  Adapter from Bristlecone
JDBC driver from DataDirect
PaaS  Amazon RDS  Native JDBC connectivity to hosted Database
PaaS  Azure SQL Dedicated JDBC driver from Microsoft (examples available here)
PaaS  Oracle DB on Azure  Native JDBC connectivity to hosted Database



Using these Cloud JDBC drivers will allow you to expand your data integration initiatives to include PaaS and SaaS connectivity. We will update this list as more become available.

For more ODI best practices, tips, tricks, and guidance that the A-Team members gain from real-world experiences working with customers and partners, visit Oracle A-Team Chronicles for ODI.


Special thanks to Julien Testut, Oracle Product Manager for his help and support in putting this list together.


  1. Cecile Franchini says:

    Hi Michael
    There is no direct connectivity from ODI to HCM – we need to use the HCM Data Loader.
    Please refer to Christophe’s article on that Subject:
    Using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) to Bulk Load Data into HCM-Cloud

  2. Michael Rainey says:

    Hi Cecile,

    Thank you for the great list. Can you please comment on which connectivity option would be best for extracting data from Fusion Applications Cloud (specifically HCM Cloud) using Oracle Data Integrator?

    Michael Rainey

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