OGG Extract entry in DBA_APPLY view


DBAs are often reviewing what items exist in their DBA views.  I was recently asked by a DBA if they could drop the Apply Process  in the DBA_APPLY view since they had no OGG Apply processes running on this particular system.  They only had OGG Capture processes on this particular server.  The short answer to that question is ‘No’, unless you can absolutely verify that the entry you wish to remove has nothing to do with an OGG Extract process.

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If you query the DBA_CAPTURE and the DBA_APPLY views, you will see that for every entry in the DBA_CAPTURE view there is a corresponding entry in the DBA_APPLY view.   Below is an example:

SQL> select apply_name from dba_apply ;


SQL> select capture_name from dba_capture ;


If you dig a little deeper in the the DBA_APPLY view, you will see a column named ‘PURPOSE’.  This is the column you should look at to see what exactly that process is being used for.  In our case we can see it is for our capture process.


SQL> select apply_name, purpose from dba_apply;

————— ——————-
OGG$EXT_CP      GoldenGate Capture



It is a good practice to try to keep your environments as clean as possible.  But in this case, dropping the process in the DBA_APPLY view would have had serious consequences for the capture process.  While the apply process is not actually started, the configuration info (for example , queue subscriber info for the apply queue) is all necessary for Integrated Extract.  If the DBA would have dropped this apply process, they would have been forced to rebuild the replication environment.

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