Oracle Access Manager Academy

Index to the Oracle Access Manager Series from the Fusion Security Blog Team

OAM 11g was released last summer and constitutes a major upgrade/rewrite of OAM, which happens to be one of the more popular Oracle IAM products. Our goal with this series is to help everyone attempting to use and deploy the product at various stages by explaining major OAM 11g concepts, making architectural recommendations, pointing out potential pain points, and walking you through common yet non-trivial tasks such as setting up authentication to an external custom login form.

The OAM 11g Policy Model

OAM Authentication methods

OAM Integrations

OAM Concepts

Patches and Patching:


  1. Surya Prasanna Kumar Chirravuri says:

    Hi All, These are wonderful articles helping someone like me get a good grasp of the product and it’s functions. Wanted to check if there is any article that talks about OIF and OAM integration? Thanks.

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