Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Configuring Downstream Integrated Extract


Oracle GoldenGate provides data capture from transaction logs and delivery for heterogeneous databases and messaging systems. Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) provides a flexible, de-coupled architecture that can be used to implement virtually all replication scenarios.

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In version 11.2.1, OGG released a feature that enables downstream capture of data from a single source or multiple sources. This feature is specific to Oracle databases only. This feature helps customers meet their IT requirement of limiting new processes being installed on their production system. This feature requires some configuration of log transport to the downstream database on the source system. It also requires an open downstream database which is where the Integrated Extract will be installed.

Downstream Integrated Extract can be configured to process either real-time or archive logs. The real-time mining can be configured for only one source database at a given downstream database server at one time. If the implementation requires more than a single source database be replicated, the archive log mode of downstream Integrated Extract must be configured. This document is a supplement to the OGG 11.2.1 Oracle Installation Guide. It has more details and examples on how to configure downstream Integrated Extract feature which was introduced starting with Oracle GoldenGate version 11.2.1.

The complete document can be found on the Oracle Support site under the document ID:1485620.1

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