Oracle Service Bus JMS Deployments Utility

For proxy services utilizing the JMS transport, OSB receives messages from destinations by using an MDB.  These MDBs get generated and deployed during activation of the service configuration.  OSB creates a random, unique name for the J2EE application that gets deployed to WLS.  The name starts with “_ALSB_” and ends in a unique series of digits.  The EAR files are written to the sbgen subdirectory of the domain home directory.  You will see these applications on the WLS console page for “Deployments”.

For various operational reasons, there are times when the application name for a given proxy service needs to be determined.  Since the generated name of the application doesn’t reflect the name of the service, it becomes difficult to determine the relationship between the service and its EAR file.  In fact, it can not be discerned from either the OSB or WLS consoles.

The only way to determine the association between proxy service and EAR is to examine the EAR file contents.  In order to simplify this task, I have created a Java utility application to read the contents of the sbgen directory and extract this data.  The utility will also read the domain configuration file to extract the targeting information for each EAR.

The output of the utility is in CSV format with each line containing the following:

  • The EAR file name

  • The Proxy service reference

  • The name of the JMS destination it reads from

  • The target of the EAR deployment


You can access the utility here: OSBUtils12c


  1. Peeyush Bansal says:

    I need to edit the name that starts with “_ALSB_” and ends in a unique series of digits.
    Is that possible to edit while deployment via WLST scripts. Please let me know the steps if it is possible.

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