Using the IDCS’ OAuth Device Flow for Fun and Profit

Introduction If you’ve been on the internet recently you’ve probably used OAuth and more specifically the “Authorization Code” grant type (or “AZ Code” if, like The Dude, you are into the whole brevity thing). For example if you’ve ever clicked a “Sign on with Facebook” button or used a Facebook app you’ve used OAuth’s AZ […]

Oracle Identity Cloud Service: Long Lived OAuth Tokens

One of the responsibilities of Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) is to serve as an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server. As an Authorization Server, IDCS issues access and refresh tokens to OAuth Clients. OAuth Clients use these tokens to access various resources on Resource Servers on-behalf of Resource Owners. OAuth Clients are things like web or […]

Social Federation with OAM Mobile & Social in Native iOS Applications

Introduction I’ve already posted an article about Social Federation with Mobile & Social (M&S) for web applications protected by Oracle Access Manager (OAM), showing users being authenticated against social network providers, like Google and Linkedin. My coworker Chris Johnson also blogged about using Mobile & Social in a native iOS application. In his post, user […]