Continuous Integration with Apiary, Dredd, and Wercker

There are many tools in the market to design, develop, and test API’s. Some of these tools could be used separately. Some others could be combined. Every time a change is introduced in the design or implementation of an API, it would be nice to have tests and builds run automatically. Continuous Integration (CI) is a software […]

Getting started with Continuous Integration for OSB

As a first step towards including Oracle Service Bus projects into our Continuous Integration environment, let’s look at how to script exporting some project(s) from Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (the IDE for OSB) and deploying those project(s) to an … Continue reading

Getting started with Continuous Integration for SOA projects

This post is part of a series on Continuous Integration. I am exploring how to use Maven and Hudson to create a continuous integration capability for SOA and BPM projects.  This will be the first post of several on this … Continue reading