How to Recover Initial Messages (Payload) from SOA Audit for Mediator and BPEL components

Introduction In Fusion Applications, the status of SOA composite instances are either running, completed, faulted or staled. The composite instances become staled immediately (irrespective of current status) when the respective composite is redeployed with the same version. The messages (payload) are stored in SOA audit tables until they are purged. The users can go through Enterprise […]

Adding browser search engines in WebCenter Content

In a post I made a few years ago, I described how you can add WebCenter Content (UCM at the time) search to the browser’s search engines.  I think this is a handy shortcut if you find yourself performing searches often enough in WCC. 

Run custom JavaScript when ADF page loads

Ran into a neat way to load and run custom javascript when an ADF page loads:         <af:resource type=”javascript”>           //Script block           if (window.addEventL…

HTML Manifest for Content Folios

I recently worked on a project to create a custom content folio renderer in WebCenter Content. It needed to output the native files in the folio along with a manifest file in HTML format which would list the contents of the folio along with any designa…

Using the new AutoSuggest Behaviour in ADF

ADF added a new Auto Suggest capability that allows you to provide automatic suggestions as a user types data in a field (just like Google do).  This post provides a quick demo of how to use this capability.  You … Continue reading

Portable reference to ADF components

The web application found here is a great way to carry a portable reference library of ADF components along with you wherever you go.  This is very handy if you are working on the design of an ADF or WebCenter … Continue reading